Noka Lite Mod Apk v1.3.35 Download Unlimited Everything

APK Bigs - Oct 01, 2022

Noka Lite Mod Apk V1.3.35 Download Unlimited Everything
App Name Noka Lite Mod Apk
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Latest Version v1.3.35
Get it On com.entertainment.nokalite
Price Free
Size 41.96 Mb
MOD Info For Andriod
Category Entertainment
Update October 01, 2022 (2 years ago)

The Internet is a great opportunity to meet new people. As this medium keeps you connected with the people you know, it can also help you form new connections with the people you don’t know. It also brings with itself a great opportunity to transcend all borders and differences and see how people in different parts of the world are like.

People like socialising on the internet and dating apps have become very popular in recent times. These apps can help bring people together where they can talk, find more about each other and finally meet to see if the digital personality is the same as the original one. This app is one such app that brings you a chance to meet new people.

Noka Lite Mode Apk

Download Noka Lite APK

This is a dating app in its essence, but you don’t have to necessarily connect with people just to date. You can find new friends here too. Especially for people who have social anxiety or don’t work well in public, this app can be an easy way to converse with people and show your real personality.

This app also has the option to video chat with people so it's not just texting. It can feel more real and you can get to know a person in more detail than just texting would allow you to before you meet them in person.

Download Noka Lite Mod APK

You just have to go on the app and create your profile. As with all socialising apps, you need to fill in your basic information that says something about your personality, your likes and dislikes etc. you also have to post your pictures because no one will hit you up if they don’t know what you look like.

After that, you can just get started with finding and adding new people who catch your eye and who interest you. These people can be from any corner of the world, as there are no geographical restrictions in the app. You can start chatting up with them and make conversations to see where it can go.

Noka Lite Mode Apk

Meet different people

This app is an amazing platform to discover and converse with new people. It is not a traditional dating app where you can only talk to people with the purpose of dating them in mind, you can even talk to people who interest you as friends.

Texting with people

After you find people who you think can be interesting to talk to, you can just send them a text. Conversations are the way to form bonds. If they are from different countries you can learn about it from them. Emojis and stickers will help you keep your chat colourful and not dry.

Do not worry about fake profiles

The app has many procedures when you start making a profile which means that there are very slim chances of people making fake profiles and chatting with you. The blue ticks mean that an account is verified and ensures that it is an authentic account.

Video call

Not many dating apps have the option to video call people which is why many people end up finding a person completely different from their digital version that was portrayed. No such problem can happen in this app as you can video call a person and get to know them in more detail through it.

Noka Lite Mode Apk

Upload your photos

As these dating apps need to have your photos so that people might take an interest, you can upload your photos as much as you want. You get a whole album where you can add your pictures and share them with the public and if you aren’t comfortable with that, then share them privately.

Secure profile

The profiles in the app that you create are all secure and you can maintain your privacy even if you share your private information. You can change the privacy settings to suit your needs and only allow some people to access your photos and information.

Filters are unlocked

The app has the filters options that you can add to your live video chat to make you look more presentable or to brighten it up. The paid version comes with all of the filters but only some are unlocked, while the rest need to be purchased. The modified version brings you all the features fully unlocked.

Free to install

The app is free to be installed on your devices.


So many in-app features that make this app different from all the other dating apps. It is so easy to use and makes it fun to be able to talk to different people. You can even block people in the app that you don’t want to connect with. You can upload your best pictures for people to admire and with the availability of filters, make them look even better.

Noka Lite Mode Apk


Q. Does Noka Lite Mod APK contain advertisements?

No, the modified version of the all is ad-free so there won’t be pop ups bothering you.

Q. Can my private information be leaked in Noka Lite Mod APK?

No, the app is completely secure and you don’t have to worry about your personal information getting misused.

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