Paper IO Mod Apk v3.14.0 Unlimited Money

APK Bigs - Oct 28, 2023

Paper IO Mod Apk V3.14.0 Unlimited Money
App Name Paper IO Mod Apk
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Latest Version v3.14.0
Get it On io.voodoo.paper2
Price Free
Size 87 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Casual
Update October 28, 2023 (4 months ago)

If you’re bored in your free time and have nothing to do then you can download this awesome game application which is very easy to play but at the same time it provides you the feeling of competitiveness that one should feel while playing any online game.

It also allows you to create a private lobby so that you can add anyone according to your choice in the game to compete against them and there are many gaming modes which you can unlock after completing the assigned missions in the game. So, don’t wait further and install this awesome game right now.

Paper IO Mod Apk

Paper IO Apk

This is a very interesting competitive game in which your task is to colour as many areas as you can before the timer ends. You can also colour and occupy the area of your enemies by invading them without colliding. Your task is to make as many shapes of different colours as you can and colour them with the different colours by leaving a faded trail before going into the next area. So, install this game now and compete against your bodies

Features of Paper IO Apk

Competitive game

This is a very competitive game in which you have to make sure that you occupy the territory and shapes of your opponents by marking them with different colours and doing your signatures.

Comfortable environment

The game provides a very user friendly and comfortable environment where there is not abusive language and adult content so that children can also play this game.

Percentage of areas invaded

The interface of the gaming application shows you the percentage of the areas invaded by you and your opponents on the top of the screen in the form of different coloured bars.

Blanks and colours

You have to make sure that you fill the blanks on the paper with as many different colours as you can so that your victory is assured and you can leave the faded trials before invading the next shapes.

Colourising techniques

The main thing in the game that you have to be proficient at is learning the art of colourising techniques otherwise your opponents will occupy your shapes as well and they will win the game against you.

Private lobbies

If you are uninterested in competing against the online players then you can make your private lobbies in this game where you can avail the chance to add anyone that you want including your buddies by using the invitation link.

Paper IO Mod Apk

Why Paper IO Apk Mod is so Special?

The free gaming version is very special because you can create the colours of your cubes and shapes accordingly. You can also add many different shapes and can activate the locked gaming modes.

Download Paper IO Mod Latest Version 2023

You can download the latest version of this game in which we have introduced a feature of a private lobby. Now you can add anyone online or your friend in your private lobby to compete against them.

Features of Paper IO Mod Apk

Various modes

There are various gaming modes in the free version on this gaming application and all these modes are very different and competitive from one another.

Occupy more areas

The modified version of the game allows you to occupy more areas including the shapes of your opponents so that you can colour as many shapes as you can in the required time.

ASMR and vibration

The premium version of this game has the ASMR option and the vibration option that you can activate for free of cost.

Paper IO Mod Apk

Customise colours

Please can customise the colours of the shapes and cubes in the modified version of the game which can be downloaded from our website.

Why Download Paper IO Mod Apk?

You can download the modified version of the game if you’re interested in activating the ASMR and vibration option. It also allows you to customise your character and colour of the shapes according to your choice.

Paper IO Mod Apk

Final Verdict

This is a very interesting competitive game in which you can get the chance to invade the territory of your rivals by absorbing their blanks and filling the colours in the shapes that they have created. You can also fill in your shapes as fast as possible and the game also allows you to create your private lobbies so download it right now.


Q. How can I unlock the premium gaming modes of paper IO mod apk?

To unlock the premium gaming modes, you have to subscribe to the unpaid version of the application from the link that we have created.

Q. Can I create a private lobby to add my friends in paper IO mod apk?

You can definitely create a private lobby in this gaming application to invite anyone in the game with the help of the invitation links.

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