Plants vs Zombies Mod Apk v3.4.0 Download All Plants Unlocked No Cooldown

APK Bigs - Sep 11, 2023

Plants Vs Zombies Mod Apk V3.4.0 Download All Plants Unlocked No Cooldown
App Name Plants vs Zombies Mod Apk
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Latest Version v3.4.0
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Price Free
Size 88 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Coins/Sun
Category Strategy
Update September 11, 2023 (9 months ago)

Are you a fan of series like the walking dead and enjoy watching movies related to zombies?Well I have got the perfect game for you. Unlike other typical games this game is full of surprises and has a totally different and initiative plot therefore you will not get bored  of it.This game is easy to play therefore it will help you have fun and relax at the same time as you will not have to put in a lot of thinking.

Plants vs zombies apk

There are several features in this game and regardless of these features the animation of this game is so amazing that you will surely enjoy it. You will have to become the owner of a garden , and save yourself from the hideous looking zombies so that they don't eat your brain. There are several ways to stop the zombies, one of which is to grow plants in the garden , look at their powers and abilities and identify which one of them would be the most favourable for you.

This app can be easily downloaded through apple store or play store in both ios and android phones, that too for free therefore get your hand on this amazing game today and enjoy a unique gameplay.

Features of plants vs zombies mod apk

To increase your position or rank in the game you will have to complete several levels and challenges on completion of which you will be rewarded with coins. These coins will help you upgrade or buy seeds of beneficial plants. You can also buy sunlight, water and fertilisers all of which are essential for their growth. 

These purchases can only be made against coins which you will get as rewards, however if you want to get unlimited fertiliser ,unlimited coins, Unlimited sun , unlimited water or unlock all the levels and challenges of this game you can just download the mod apk version of this app for free and enjoy an unlocked game.

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Grow plants to protect yourself.

This game is very unique as you will not have to save yourself from the zombies but you will have to stop the zombies from attacking your house. This can be done by growing different kinds of crops such as peas and wheat.

Zen mode

This is the easiest and simplest mode in which you can begin the game by planting your plants in the given empty pots. You can purchase your desirable plants seeds, sow them, give them water and fertilisers so that they grow into healthy plants. Furthermore, get a snail to collect coins that fall off the trees.

Megapolis Mod Apk

Mini games

You will never get bored in this mode as it has different challenges and tasks for you to do and complete. You can play whack the zombie, walnut bowling game and many other interesting mini games.

Survival mode

This is the ultimate risk taking mode in which you will have to survive as long as possible by testing your skills and neglecting the attacks of zombies.

Megapolis Mod Apk

Collect coins

This game gives you several opportunities to collect coins in order to purchase new equipment, build your plant army stronger and help yourself survive in the game.

Explore different locations

You can play this game at different locations such as near the pond along with different weather conditions to make your game challenging or easy for you. play in daylight or at night, enable fog so that it gets difficult to detect the zombies and gets even more challenging.

Collect power ups

They can be extremely beneficial for you as they will make your plants stronger and let you grow advanced and upgraded versions of them which would make it easier for you to survive. These power ups can be collected as rewards in different challenges.

Easy user interface

This game is challenging however it has really easy and accessible controls which would enable you to put your focus on the game and help you enhance and learn new skills quicker.

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This game is easy to play yet challenging for the player as you will have to perform several tasks to survive in the game by protecting your gardens. Despite its unique features this game also has interesting and creative graphics which enables the player to have a unique and smooth gameplay.Even the sound effects of this game are amazing which also adds a plus point.Hence overall this game is a perfect package and can be played by people of all age groups.


Q. Is plants vs zombies mod apk an offline game?

Yes this app allows you to play it offline.

Q. How can I get fertilisers in plants vs zombies mod apk?

You can get fertilisers by buying them coins.

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