PUBG Mobile Mod Apk v0.23.0 Unlimited Everything

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PUBG Mobile Mod Apk V0.23.0 Unlimited Everything
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Information of PUBG Mobile Mod Apk

App Name PUBG Mobile Mod Apk
Compatible with Android 4.3 +
Latest Version v0.23.0
Get it On com.tencent.iglite
Price Free
Size 517.24 MB
MOD Info Mega Menu
Category Action
Update September 30, 2022 (2 months ago)

Most people are so obsessed with playing games to kill their free time. PUBG Mobile is one of those games that several people like. It is an action game that has a lot of features. It became popular quickly, and people became fans of this game. The endless features to fight against opponents on a battlefield and many more made this game so trendy with players Unknown battleground. The whole story of the game revolves around the shooting of other players and winning some money. You can use a variety of weapons and equipment for a better fight. It is the top game that is played all over the world.

More than 1 billion players downloaded the game and have given remarkable reviews. It is highly addictive gameplay, and you will never feel bored while playing the game. To play PUBG, you need a high-end phone to run smoothly and efficiently. Otherwise, you cannot play and enjoy it properly.

The 3D visual effects of the game are so appealing and eye-catching. It gives you a feel of a realistic battlefield. It is hard to say that nobody has heard of PUBG because it is the choice of almost all youngsters. The different sound effects of running and shooting are so pleasing.

PUBG Mobile Mod Apk

PUBG Mobile Apk:

PUBG Mobile Apk is the regular version of the app that you can easily download from the app store. If you want to play the game with many players at once, this action game is ideal for you as it allows you to play it with 100 players. It has so many different missions to complete. There is danger everywhere, so you must make intelligent moves. Try to hide from the attack of the enemy. Be the first to shoot your enemy with heavy weapons and win the game. The internet has a lot of action apps, but this one is the most trendy now. PUBG has some epic features that are not easy to access without money, such as Points, Cash, weapons, and many more. You need to spend money to unlock and use them.



PUBG Mobile Mod Apk:

PUBG Mobile mod apk is the best-unlocked game version with many premium features for a better experience. It is different from the regular version in terms of free VIP tools. The players can enjoy the heavy weapons for free as they are all unlocked. Moreover, the mod version offers unlimited money to all its players, so you can put a positive impression on your profile and amaze the rest of your fellows with your profile level.

PUBG Mobile Mod Apk



Great visual effects

The game Pubg has several different locations and missions to show your shooting talent. It has more than three other areas comprising beautiful scenery. It is a real battle game in which players never feel bored shooting and killing their enemies. More you will complete your task you will earn money. Use the money to buy the different stuff to upgrade your level more.










Real shooting game

It is a real shooting game that is the choice of many people from all over the world. It has special features that make it unique. You are in a battleground; your target is to destroy all evil people by keeping yourself protected and safe.

Fight Against Enemies

Action games are based on fighting and shooting, so the same is with PUBG, in which players fight against their opponents to kill them. The game has many different things to do if you want to spend quality time playing games; download PUBG to kill your free time.

Variety of guns

Weapons are the most important tools to create your defense against enemies. It allows players to shoot enemies in no time. The game PUBG has a lot of heavy and modern weapons to use. Few of them are locked, and you cannot use them for free. It requires money to unlock and use them to shoot your rivals

Anti Ban Features

The app has the anti-ban feature, so players will never get banned while playing this fantastic game. Moreover, you can play the game with your friends for free without restrictions or limitations.



Different modes to play

The game offers different types of modes to its players. We do not want to play the games solo because we lose interest in a short time. It has different modes in which you can play to complete your missions with your friends. If you do not have friends, you can call anyone online from all over the world randomly. Players can chat with them and broaden their social circle more.


PUBG Mobile Mod Apk


It has a huge map that allows the player to trace the enemies and look for their route. It will be helpful for you to easily reach your destination and keep yourself safe from the attack of enemies. If you are new to the game, you must smartly navigate the map to play PUBG.



Accessible on all devices

The game is accessible on all Android and Apple phones. For a better experience, users can also play the game on a big-screen PC and enjoy it more.



Play along worldwide, friends

The players can invite any of their friends from different countries to join them and play the game. It is the full package of shooting and killing enemies on the battlefield. It is enjoyable to play the game in your free time.



Large space Consumption

The app is large, so you cannot download it on any low-end device. If you own a high-end smartphone, you can easily download and play the game hassle-free.



Not Offline Mode

Users need an active connection as PUBG is not an offline game to play.



Locked VIP Tools

All the VIP tools, such as different weapons, costumes, and many more, are locked in the basic version. If you want to unlock them, download the mod version to free access.

PUBG Mobile Mod Apk



Ads are not removed

Players will encounter several ads that create a lot of interruptions repeatedly. It is so messy to see the ads during gameplay. It is the big flaw of the regular PUBG version.



More battery consumption

The game consumes much of your mobile battery, so you need a good mobile to play PUBG.



Limited Cash & points

Players are awarded limited Cash and points only. After completing the challenges, you must collect them on your own.



Unlocked all the heavy weapons

All the powerful and modern weapons are unlcoked in the mod version of the game for your usage. If you do not want to spend a lot of time collecting money by completing challenges, then the mod version is the best choice. Amaze your opponents with the epic features of the modified version of PUBG.



Free VIP Tools

All the tools are free to use at any time. All the missions are unlocked; you can choose anyone to play and beat your rivals. There is no restriction to choosing anything from the game as it gives you open access.



Hide from the enemy

It is known as wallhack, which allows players to attack the enemy, but they will keep themselves hidden. The enemies are not able to locate them. It is only possible in the mod version of PUBG.



No money required

You have unlimited coins and money to play the game with complete confidence. There is no chance that players with mod versions lose the game because they can use all the extraordinary features of the app to get victory.



An infinite amount of Cash

Enjoy the infinite amount of Cash to unlock different costumes and weapons.




Hence, the PUBG Mobile mod apk is a well-known app you must download. Enjoy the game with your buddies and spend some quality time. Use the free features of the modified version and amaze your opponents with your innovative skills.

PUBG Mobile Mod Apk


Q. Q. Is PUBG banned in any country?

Pakistan is the only country that bans it.

Q. Q. Can we play PUBG on PC?

Yes, we can play on PC.

Q. Q. Is it free to download the PUBG mod apk?

Yes, it is free to download from our website.

Q. Q. Is PUBG a safe game for kids?

No, it is not suitable for kids.

Q. Q. How is PUBG Mobile different from the PUBG mobile mod apk?

PUBG Mobile mod apk offers all the premium tools for free, while PUBG Mobile charges money to use them.

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