Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod Apk v1.3.1 All Levels Unlocked

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Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod Apk V1.3.1 All Levels Unlocked
App Name Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod Apk
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Latest Version v1.3.1
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Price Free
Size 55.90 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Update September 11, 2023 (6 months ago)

You must have obviously traveled in public transport, and if not traveled then seen public transport like trains and buses moving around in your city and thousands of people utilising them. But you must have never imagined driving a bus or a train, and getting people to wherever they want to go.

This is a unique and extremely popular game where you can get the experience of driving a public transport. It is a very realistic game as it is a simulation and in the game you will be required to just drive around the bus in the city and get passengers. You have to drop these passengers off at their locations.

Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod Apk

Download Public Transport Simulator Coach APK

The bus driving experience is very simple and the controls are simple enough to understand. It is a 3D game which is why the colours and graphics are on point and very realistic. As you will keep on driving the bus and successfully transporting the passengers from one place to another, you can even earn rewards.

You will be challenged in the game many times with various tasks and as you complete them, your reward will be at your disposal. You can use this reward to upgrade your buses and unlock new buses that are available in the game.

Download Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod APK

You do not have to just limit yourself to the city, you can expand your business and drive from one city to the next. You can get a whole parking lot for yourself where all your buses can be parked. It will surely be a fun game playing experience.

The modified version of the game is the unlocked version where you will be able to get unlimited money. All the levels in this version are also unlocked and you can choose whichever level you want to play. Expand your business, drive the bus and leave the money tensions behind in this version.

Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod Apk

Features of Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod APK


The game is visually stunning and the graphics are simply amazing. All the details are clearly defined. You can see the cracks on the road or the bumps that you want to avoid. The design of the buses is also colourful, both interior and exterior is realistic. The locations and the surroundings are also designed very beautifully.

Realistic controls

The controls in the game are very realistic and are the same as the basic controls in a bus. It will be different than driving a car and you can actually feel the elevated vehicle that you are driving. Use the horns and the indicators to communicate with the traffic.

Map is open

The best thing about the game is that you are not restricted to driving around in the same location. You can explore so many different cities in the game. The map is open world and you can just choose to go to which city you want. Drop off your passengers to any location on the map and get rewards.

Interior view

You don’t have to just keep looking outside the bus as you can change the camera angle to give you the interior view of the bus which is pretty realistic. You can see the steering wheel and the traffic beyond the windshield, you can see the various buttons and options to control the bus. You can see the fuel that you have and decide when you need to get a refill.

Upgrade your bus

You can customise and upgrade your buses according to your preference. This customisation can be regarding anything like engine, brakes, power or the colour. You can enhance the performance and driving experience of the buses with these options.

Unlock buses

You are not limited to driving around in just one bus, you can unlock several buses in the game and have a whole parking lot full of your own buses. You can really get a whole terminal with the amount of buses that you can get in this game.

Expand your business

As you can unlock so many buses and travel to different cities, you can make your own routes and hire different drivers to drive your buses. You can build and expand your whole transportation business in the game and earn as much as you want with this successful venture.

Unlimited money

The modified version of the game gives you unlimited money that you can use whenever you want to unlock buses and customise them. As you get unlimited money in this version you can easily expand your business.

Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod Apk


Get the experience of a truck driver with this game with the best graphics, stunning buses and great locations. With so

Many different features and the modified version making it even easier to have unlimited resources, you will have the most enjoyable experience with this game.


Q. Can I play Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod APK offline?

Yes, you can play this game without any wifi or data connection. Your progress will be automatically saved while playing in the offline mode as well.

Q. Are there pop-ups in Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod APK?

The modified version of the game contains no pop-ups.

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