Real Steel Mod Apk v1.47.18 Unlimited Money and Gold

Real Steel Mod Apk
App NameReal Steel Apk
Compatible with4.1 and up
Latest versionv1.47.18
DeveloperReliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
Google play linkcom.jumpgames.RealSteel
Size40.7 MB

Real Steel Mod Apk:- The most essential base of our childhood memory is often associated to the movies we watch, the things we watch as a child frequently drives our choices and behaviors in many cases. Many of us like action and suspense, we go by that theme in various elements like movies, sports and games that may suit and come up to that threshold.

Real steel is a film that over flows with action, it is a film that has hulk robots that go about destroying the towns and making people scared of the power they have. If you were Real Steel Mod Apk lover, you are definitely going to be in love with this action game choice of ours. Not only the movie lovers but also people who love action game will enjoy this digital game immensely.

The graphics of this game are on a higher level which gives you an experience which you will cherish as the graphics in the game gives such a great visual that it would make you feel that you are watching some action movie. This game has astonishing features which gives you an enticing experience overall.

This game has various robots that are left in area to battle, you can also customize your hulk robots according to your choice which is a fun filled experience on its own. This game is fairly easy to download and you can enjoy it with your friends on a game night.




The game has an incredible rating on the google play store which means it has been
loved by loads of people.

For all age types:

This game can be played by anyone. It can be a child, a teenager or an


File size:

Since the file se of this game huge, it can stuck the players phone and make it

Battery usage:

The battery usage of this game is huge.


  • Live game

If you are not with your friends you can play online live match.

  • Amazing variety of arenas

There are 11 arenas to choose from, there you can have exciting battles.

  • Real story inspired

If you are the movie fan you will love this game as the plot of the game is movie inspired.


  • Customize your character

This game also allows the players to customize the robots according to their liking, this means you can give the hulk robot your own personality which will make you feel that you are present virtually in the game.

  • Upgrade

After you successfully progress throughout the game you can get upgraded which means you get access to all the amazing features and you can unlock features to have even more fun in the game.


Below mentioned are the steps that can be used to download the game:
 To download the game, you should first enable the unknown file option that is enlisted in
the security setting.
 After that is out of the way, press the link provided on the Google webpage.
 Download can take a few minutes, be patient.
 When the download is finished, an install button appears on the tab.
 Click on the install button to successfully complete the download.FAQs

Is Real Steel Mod Apk available on Google play?

Yes! Real Steel Mod Apk is available on Google play and if incase game does not download from there you can use the steps mentioned above to download the game alternatively.

Can this application can be accessed for free?

Yes! This game is free to access which means you do not have to go through the hassle of paying money online or get worried about getting mugged online.

Does this app work in all the countries?

Yes! This application works in all the countries easily, you can download and play it anywhere in the world without any restrictions or limitations.

What can be the drawbacks of this application?

The potential drawback of this game is that if you have been playing a lot of action games and move on to this one, it may feel repetitive to you as this has the same plot and story is also something that you have watched prior.


  • Gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Strategy


Finally, on a concluding note this game is very good for those who love an action filled experience, this game requires you to be alert all throughout the game because you can get attached any time. This game mechanism increases your concentration which may help in many other life activities. This game is also very easy to download as well as compatible with the android phones which means it would not limit any of your phone activities. You can call a bunch of friends to your house or can play a live match with them which is very exciting. The amazing features of this game allows the players to have a seamless experience, on the other hand, this game has very efficient controls that works smoothly with android phone. This means you will get used to the controls very easily. This game is also a must for those who really loved the movie real steel as it is based on the same story line, the different is you are in the movie as that hulk destructive robot.

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