REALMYST Apk v1.3.5 Download For Android

APK Bigs - Sep 03, 2021

REALMYST Apk V1.3.5 Download For Android
Compatible with 4.2 and up
Latest Version v1.3.5
Get it On com.noodlecake.realmyst
Price Free
Size 19MB
Category Adventure
Update September 03, 2021 (3 years ago)

RealMyst Apk is an adventure game which is available for all the users. This is a graphic adventure and puzzle video game which is designed by miller brothers and is a publication of Broderbund. The players in the game have to solve puzzles and then they get a chance to travel the four other worlds in the game. These worlds are known as ages and each age has a different and challenging puzzle and environment for the player.

The players can interact with multiple objects present in the games and can also drag them wherever they want through clicking motion. The players have to solve the mysteries of the book myst and have to explore the RealMyst world so that they can get out of this book filled with many challenges and adventure. The graphics of the game are amazing and the sound included in it is also captivating along with the story line which makes users attached to the game for hours.


Myst Game Play and Environments

This game is one of a kind as it is all things myst but with a real touch to it. This game allows users to have all the original myst ages as well as the rime age which is actually a bonus age for them to enjoy.

Not only this, the RealMyst Apk also comes with a full myst game play and complete interaction features for the users. This game has many dynamic environments which keeps the players on their toes. There is rippling water environment present, there are the waving trees are present on the map, there is falling rain and much more that creates the real environment for the users to enjoy. There are many ages included in the game such as the Channel wood age trees and more.

Sounds and Navigation

This game has the amazing haunting three dimensional sound systems for the users and has an amazing music score for the users to enjoy. Not only this, the navigation of the RealMyst Apk game is something else as it is extremely simple yet advanced both at the same time.

There are touch and hold as well as swipe to turn controls for the players to use simply and the run, invert look, move backward, swipe left or right and many more such advanced controls for them to enjoy in a real time scenario.


Guides and Bookmarking

The RealMyst Apk does not leave its players unattended as they know their players might need a push to experience such an amazing game play and to give that push, they come with an interaction guide.

This guide is something that demonstrates to the players the exact way as to how they can move forward in the game and they can interact with objects not only this, the book mark feature of the game is amazing. This game lets the players to save their game and then allows them to restore it from there so that they can continue without going back into the puzzles.

Puzzles and Path

The player has to select their own path in the RealMyst Apk as they move forward and explore the game. All the settings are in real time and the players have to explore the Myst Island to the fullest.

They can easily look through the channel wood age trees, get a full tour of the panoramic and scary Sirrus throne room, get shelter in the thunderstorm in the Stone ship age and can experience everything alone on their small mobile devices. This game provides a complete and realistic adventure of the myst world to the players and has a hint guide to support players stuck on a single puzzle which is stopping them from moving forward.




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Q. RealMyst Apk is not loading or working properly, what to do?

Sometimes the server of RealMyst Apk is down so try after few minutes, check your data connection may be it is down or maybe there are too many at a single time so try after few minutes and it will solve your problem.

Q. What are the latest version and system requirements to run RealMyst Apk on android?

The RealMyst Apk requires a minimum of android operating system of 4.2 or higher and a minimum of 19 MBs free space and the latest version with above 50k downloads is 1.3.5 of this application.

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