Rules Of Survival Apk Mod v1.610637.613906 Unlimited Money

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Rules Of Survival Apk Mod V1.610637.613906 Unlimited Money
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Latest Version v1.610637.617289
Get it On com.netease.chiji&hl=en
Price Free
Size 95.7 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Action
Update February 24, 2022 (2 years ago)

Rules Of Survival Apk Mod:Do you ever crave the adrenaline spike in your system when you play royale battle games? Or do you purposely make go to a friend’s house or call them over to have a friend’s game match? Well we have you sorted in this game review as we bring to you the game that can easily be your go to at any game night. 

Rule of Survival is an incredible game whose main motive is to reinvent, adjust and overcome. By entering this battle a person be it men or women need to use their analytical skills to the maximum to not only battle or fight but also shield themselves without attacking.

Rules Of Survival Apk:game is a remarkable 3D art work by the game developers Net Ease which includes a huge map where people can choose to air drop in teams and battle away. The huge selection of weapons and vehicles that are randomly scattered across the island ensures your longevity in the game without failing too soon. The game is design in a way that you will get various challenges within the game and after collection of certain points you can upgrade by unlocking new characters and vehicles.


Rules Of Survival Apk

Pros and Cons


  • Using analytical skills

In this game you not only are battling but coming up with various strategies on how to survive and overcome the situations which involves for you to use your analytical skills to the maximum. This can be an amazing exercise to polish you skills and will enable you to visualize the real life situations in a more skillful manner.

  • Weaponry choice

Rule of survival entails a huge variety of weapons as well as over 120 characters which you can choose according to your personal traits and the ones that can bring you closer to your victory.

  • Team gameplay

Well are you worried that you will so hooked in the game that you r friends will get upset with you, you do not have to worry anymore as the team gameplay option in this game will allow you and your friends to play together.

  • Outstanding Visuals

Net Ease developers have done an incredible job with the visuals of this game as the 3D effect in the game attracts the players even more towards it. This game gives players an essence of reality.


  • Replica of games

However, rules of survival is an amazing game to play, it can also feel like replica of PUBG and other action games to some people which an make them not like this game as much as this can be quite boring and repetitive to play.

Rules Of Survival Apk


  • Battle or protect

In this game you are not only battling but using your mental capabilities to wittingly protect yourselves against danger.

  • Team or individual mode

This game has an essential feature that can make or break a game which is team gameplay or solo game play. This is an amazing game for you to enjoy with your mates.

  • Wide HD environment visuals

The excellent visuals of this game developed by the Net Ease allows the payers to almost feel like they are in the game and battling on actual game map making it quite engaging.

  • Cool sound effects and graphics

The graphics make this game quite popular amongst the game hoarders. Moreover, the graphics supported by an amazing sound mechanism, makes the game even more top notch.

Rules Of Survival Apk

New Features

  • Move across territories

This game has an amazing feature which is you can move across the territories to save yourself, you are not restricted to certain game map.

  • Elongated game map

This game has an elongated game map from which you can pick and choose on which area you have to land, not only area but also secluded buildings etc.

  • Unrestricted vehicles

In this game you can find abandoned vehicles on your way which you can choose to drive and protect yourself from the opposing team.

Rules Of Survival Apk

How to Install

This game is fairly easy to download, you can download it directly or through links provided as discussed in the subsequent steps:

  • Firstly, go to the Play store application on your phone, search for the game using search engine and install. Easy.
  • Another way to download this game is through Google
  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Go on to the download option, then click on the downloaded files and then click on the APK file and install it.
  • Wait for a few seconds as it downloads and then lastly create a shortcut on the phone application window.
  • You can enjoy the game now!

Rules Of Survival Apk

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Q. Is this game available on the Google play?

Yes! You can easily search for this game on the android play store and install it with no difficulty at all.

Q. Is Rules of Survival heavy to download?

Yes! This game can be heavy on download but if you keep other files at bay, it would not stress you phone functioning as much

Q. Is Rules of survival free of cost?

No! This game is absolutely free of cost and would not be stress on your pocket.

Q. What are the disadvantages associated with this game?

This game can feel repetitive to you if you played other popular action game and people with large fingers can find difficult to handle game controls.

Q. Can this game be accessed anywhere in the world?

Yes! This game is available worldwide.

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