Soul Knight Mod Apk v2.6.5 b20653 Unlock all Characters

Soul Knight Mod Apk
App NameSoul Knight Apk
Compatible with4.1 and up
Latest versionv2.6.5 b20653
Google play linkcom.ChillyRoom.DungeonShooter
Size99.5 MB

Soul Knight Mod Apk:Action is one of the most favorite genre of many people. Actions games bring energy and playing them is an overall electrifying process. They engage the users with a new happening. The players have to be vigilant and actively play the game. This makes a player’s experience more thrilling and outstanding. Action games are equally loved by both teenagers and adults. The passionate players are always in search of a good action game. For this reason this genre also remains saturated all the time as the demand is very high.

Soul Knight Mod Apk

New games keep on coming and the games which have previously got success, they keep getting updated and come up with new better version. The fans for such games are quite more as they know that the previous version was so good and this is going to be better this time. So action games are widely loved and played.

Soul Knight Mod Apk

Soul Knight Mod Apk is an action game which is developed by Chilly Room. The top mechanism of this game is shooting, clean mobs in one room then go in the other and find portal in next level. Its theme is of dungeon exploration in which some monsters took away the magic stone who were very high tech.

Soul Knight Mod Apk

There are 10 heroes in the game each of which has different qualities and abilities. Gun intensive knights, well deserved heroes, Immune-hardened Palatines, Fort Assist Engineer, poison bottle of alchemist, lightning release master and Daguai back to blood vampire. You can choose any character as player and the experience is very unique and amazing.

Soul Knight Mod Apk

The levels in Soul Knight Mod Apk are infinite and each level is randomly generated. This makes the player to keep playing the game and to never stop, every play has a new experience for the player. There are over 120 wonderful and amazing weapons and every weapon has a unique performance, this eventually makes the player to experience the weapons repeatedly and also there is no chance of getting bored.

Soul Knight Mod Apk

Variety is the actual spice of this game and it makes you use your brain nerves and mind with full potential. This is the game you always wanted in your subconscious. You can enter the game and explore the dungeons, collect weapons, dodge the bullets and shoot them all.

Soul Knight Mod Apk

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Soul Knight Mod Apk



Heroes in this game are very unique. Each hero has distinct qualities, that makes the game so enjoyable. Player can choose any hero of his choice and play the game in a new way.


The weapons are also in huge variety. Almost 270 weapons are present that take the game to a whole new level of fun and excitement.

Dungeon World

The levels are endless as they automatically gets regenerated in the dungeon world. This feature makes the game so different as there is no stop. The interest level never goes down because in every level a new experience is waiting.


NPCs that really have significant value will be by your side and will fight for you.

Auto Aim

The auto aim mechanism is very amazing. It is for super intuitive control.

Golden Cudgel

There is an increase in the weapon. A new super powerful weapon Golden Cudgel is just added in the game. It is the new boss weapon.


The skills have been improved a lot and many more new skins have been added in the game. Now you can play with more skins and good skills sets.


The bugs have been removed and now the game is even more good to play.

Premium Version

The premium version which is the paid version of the game gives you access to many things like free diamonds, all skins and characters are opened and you can opt for anyone.infinite energy, can buy more plots in garden, you get immortal, you can also unlock heroes and also you get unlimited amounts of coins.

Mobile Shooter Game

This game is the best mobile shooter game. With so much power packed action you can still calmly play it on your mobile phone screens and there is no need to stress and tire your yourself while sitting in front of desktops for playing game. It is present at your nearest and convenient access.

Easy To Play

The game is quite easy to play despite of the fact its an action game, you can still play it like a pro after just a few days.

Fast Paced Actions

The actions are really fast paced and makes the player very active.


The graphics of this game are cool and aesthetic and are so amazing that the make the game so worth loving.

How To Install

The installation steps are as follows:

  • Open your phone and go in settings.
  • Then go in security option.
  • Then enable the unknown resources if you have not enabled before.
  • Then go to the website from where you are getting downloading link of the Apk file of Soul Knight Mod Apk.
  • Click on install button which is often at the right bottom.
  • Now wait until your application downloads.
  • Once downloaded, launch you app present in menu.
  • You are done with installation, now you can enjoy your game.


Why do pets have health if they cannot die?

Pets declining health does not kill them. Rather they come to player’s side when low health, then after 30 seconds approximately they again return to fight with full health.

What do the stars under weapons, bosses and enemies mean?

Stars have no affect on game. They are just present for the type of players who want to complete everything.

Is it a safe game?

Yes this is a totally safe to play game and has no viruses, malware, worms and spywares etc.

Can I play it on my android phone?

Yes you can surely play it on your android phone.

Can the effects of same buffs stack?

No they cannot stack with each other.

Soul Knight Mod Apk Free
  • Gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Strategy


This game is very nice and spectacular. It is one of the best additions to the action games category. Its amazing features makes it a must try for every gamer out there.

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