Squid Apk v3.11.2.0-GP Download for Android

APK Bigs - Nov 03, 2023

Squid Apk V3.11.2.0-GP Download For Android
App Name Squid APK
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Latest Version v3.11.2.0-GP
Get it On com.steadfastinnovation.android.projectpapyrus
Price Free
Size 20 MB
MOD Info For Android
Category Productivity
Update November 03, 2023 (4 months ago)

Creativity can be found in any application that you see on the internet because most of them are made for the purpose that you find it unique and more interesting to use. One of such applications is Squid APK.

One of the basic tasks of this application is that you do not need to take a pen and paper all the time with you, you just need this application and there will be no need for a pen to write down anything. You can easily write down in your handwriting on your device with the help of this application and your notes will be written like you have done it on paper.

Squid APK

The thing that you will find in the original version is exceptional, you will not find such attractiveness in any other application. So if you want to try out the first version of Squid APK, you can easily install it from the Google Play Store as it is only available there. You can also buy the stuff that is falling in the category of premium features because these features will help you do your task more easily and give you unlimited benefits.

Squid APK

Features of Squid APK

Convenient Way to Write Notes

This is the wonderful application that is making many things very easy. If you do not want to take pen and paper with you all the time, you just need this application and you can easily write your notes whenever you want.

Loads of Papers

This application will provide you with lots of paper so you do not have to worry about the shortage of papers. You can easily get them and write notes whenever you want.

Colorful Pens

There are multiple colors available for you to write notes in a way that you can write on paper such as if you want to make a note of your lecture you can easily write the heading, subheading and all the normal text in a way that you can do in reality.

Edit Anytime

There is such a good way of removing the text that you want to. You can easily remove it with the eraser or you can edit the text whenever you want. Even if it is months of noting the lecture in this app, you can easily edit it whenever you want. 

Export Notes in PDF

You can easily expert the notes in which format you want. Even if you want to share the notes in PDF you can also do it. there will be multiple options available for you, the choice is yours.

Squid APK

Why is Squid Pro so Special?

Squid Pro is a special application that is made for people who have to make their life easier and convenient. If you have this application you will find the pro version so special because it has a number of things that were not part of the initial versions or it was part of the initial version and required money. The pro version is completely devoid of such kinds of apps like the payment procedure or advertisement timing.  

Download Squid Pro Latest Version 2023

The Squid Pro latest version 2023 is available for you to install from the website. It has such an easy and quick procedure to install. If you have installed it you will find that there will be no need of using any previous versions with glitchy and technical issue effects. 

Squid APK

Features of Squid Pro APK

No Ads

The application is made up of things that are so special. One of the special parts of the pro version is that you do not have advertisements to watch, which is one of the central parts of the previous versions.

No Purchasing

Nothing to purchase in the pro version which means if you have intended to use any of the premium features you do not have to worry about the payment because there is zero to pay for the application and you will not have any kind of problem in using the app.

Unlimited Usage

There is no limit in the usage of the application which is what everybody wants. If you are also part of the group that wants free and unlimited uses of this application then it will be best for you to install the pro version.

Why Download Squid Pro APK?

Squid Pro APK is the application that is made for people who have so many things required from the first version but could not get them. If you are not okay with the advertisement appearance in the application, it is totally fine to use a pro version because it will not cost you any money and also will not show you any ads.  

Squid APK

Final Verdict

Getting the best application for yourself is one of your rights and if you want to write notes and do not want to write it on the paper then this amazing application Squid APK is best for you to install now and make the most of it. 


Q. What is the size of the Squid APK app?

The size of the Squid APK app is just 14.26 MB.

Q. Is it safe to use Squid APK?

Yes it is totally safe and recommended to use.   

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