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APK Bigs - Nov 13, 2023 Mod Apk V1.2.7 Download
App Name Mod Apk
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Latest Version v1.2.7
Get it On io.state.fight&hl=en&gl=US
Price Free
Size 71.13 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Strategy
Update November 13, 2023 (8 months ago) is an abstract puzzle-solving game where you have to take deliberate steps to proceed further. At the beginning of the game, you have a small piece of land and you have to expand your territory throughout the world by getting stronger. But during all of this process, you have to act out as fast as you can before the enemies take their chances to hit you and take control of your area. This game requires you to be an active thinker if you want to make a good amount of progress in the higher levels.

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You can discover a huge map with many multiplayer stages in this game! You can select your main symbol and use it to attack all the states around you. If you can get to the highest score in time, you can claim that territory as your own! Mod Apk

Features of Mod Apk


Abstract gameplay:-

Because of its abstract features and puzzling levels, this game can challenge you quite easily. In this gameplay, you can't risk playing slowly because if you are not fast enough, your enemies get the chance to win against you.

Claim your territories:-

There is a huge map for you to claim! But you aren't the only one who is after the rewarding locations. You have to fight to make your mark in your desired territories and call them your own!

Choose symbols:-

You can select a specific symbol that shows up as you attack the players. There are several different symbols and each of them represents a particular state or piece of land on the map.

Attack the opposing states:-

You have to attack the opposing states and get as many hits as possible. If your score is higher than the other land, you can take control of it and mark it as your own.

Defend your area:-

While you try to get a hold of other lands, you also have to defend yourself by taking down the enemy's scores quickly. You can also use power-ups with a short duration for this purpose. Mod Apk

Combat in online servers:-

This game is more entertaining when you can interact with real-time people! There is a decent amount of player capacity available for the multiplayer rooms.

Expand the map:-

There is a huge map in front of you to expand! The more you overthrow your opponents, the more pieces of land you can add under your rule!

Unlock free hits:-

With the feature of unlimited hits, you can win by a higher chance and remove any possibilities of constant losses during the gameplay.

Get premium attacks:-

You can earn the option for premium attacks and overthrow a great number of opponents in a single hit. With these powerful options, you can beat the leaderboards easily and excel in the highest scores.

Win more easily:-

Winning this game is easier when there are so many advantages the mod game gives to you! You can ace this game infinitely without even losing a single combat!

Why do people like Apk Mod?

You can get unlimited hits and win the levels more easily with this version. The mod features allow you to manipulate the gameplay and get easier wins each time. You can also select a wider range to hit the opposing states. This version makes the gameplay easier yet increases its fun.

Download Mod Apk Latest Version 2023

The newest game comes with the addition of more states for you to take control of! There are also many improvements in the aiming controls. Mod Apk Mod Apk 2023 Download

This game is insanely entertaining for everyone because of its outstanding concept we can't find in other apps. The process to play it is simple but it requires you to be very keen and active. You have to get several hits while keeping the incoming attacks in check!

Final Verdict:- Mod Apk meets all requirements of fast-paced abstract gameplay where you can challenge other players in many ways! You can explore states and take the right steps to control them. If you shoot your aims in time, the game adds all the states to your territory.



Q. Q1: Are unlimited hits available in Mod Apk?

With this version, there are no limits on the hits you can have in the game. The removal of limits on the hits helps you take down your opponents faster and gets you through the harder levels.

Q. Q2: Does Mod Apk unlock all states?

You can get all states including the exclusive symbols for them. Expanding your territory to the biggest states is easy to achieve with this version and this option works just as well when you enter the online rooms.

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