Mod Apk v1.2.7 Unlocked Everything

APK Bigs - Nov 10, 2023 Mod Apk V1.2.7 Unlocked Everything
App Name Mod Apk
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Latest Version v1.2.7
Get it On io.state.fight
Price Free
Size 71.13 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Strategy
Update November 10, 2023 (3 months ago)

Games that make you think and apply your reasoning and intelligence are not easy to come across. Mindless games can be easy and have no real purpose other than helping you pass your time but mindful games can help you increase your skills subconsciously and help you develop certain parts of your brain.

This game is based on strategy and how you plan your tactics. It is a very exciting game that tells you how to plan to take over not cities but entire countries. This game will make you use your brains and apply it to help you win. The better tactics you devise, the better results you’ll definitely get. Mod Apk

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The game gives all the players one single map that is marked on some level and it is then left up to you to decide how you can take over or capture those countries. Your assessment of the whole situation should be based on facts and then decide how to bring your army and forces together to carry out your plan.

Your home country does have some power and importance in the world too which would also be one of the determinants of your success. It will be up to you to decide which country you want to fight against and take over first. As you keep on taking over one country after another, you’ll keep getting stronger.

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The map will distinguish between the different countries  by assigning them all various colors. When one color ends and the other begins, you can conclude that those are the borders of those individual countries.

The information about your army and forces telling you everything about the number of your troops will also be available to you on your screen. You form your own government of the territories you capture. You have competition in the form of your neighbouring countries who are always at war with another mostly after land and territory. The movement of your rivals including the difference between their land is precisely shown on the map for your ease. Mod Apk

Features of Mod APK

Intense statefare and battle

The players in the game will be the governing body of one territory while wanting to establish your power and might by expanding your territory to other regions. Use the strategies and tactics that will help you be successful in this mission.

Detailed map

One of the most important elements in this game is the map which shows the territories that are yours and the ones that need to be captured with clear boundaries. The map keeps you informed about the movements of your rivals by showing them as dots and as these dots move, you are kept updated about their movements.

Increase your territory

The white area in the map means that this area is neutral and can be conquered by any force. It is up to you to decide your actions on a timely basis so you capture that territory on time before your rivals do.

Play in the different genres

You get to be a part of matches of different modes and genres in the game where you get to move your pieces as you without being limited by numbers. You can use troops and forces deployed at different locations and put them at a place where you think that your enemies will attack or will capture a new land.

Number of troops guide your decisions

There is a lot of possibility for your troops and forces to increase in the game but it takes various amounts of time for this to actually happen. So you need to make smart decisions in the game and see if the number of troops that you have are sufficient to be deployed in a situation or not.

Earn rewards

You get to earn rewards like money in the game with every level that you get through successfully. This reward is quite useful for you as you can utilise it to upgrade various aspects of the game and increase your potential of winning after all the increases.

Upgrade armies and characters

The money you have can be used to upgrade the characters and troops in the game. When you upgrade your troops, you increase their number and their abilities which gives you an advantage over your rivals and makes it easier for you to win.

Multiple levels

The game has many different levels and they are all distinguishable from each other. There are several maps in the game and each map comes with its own variety of levels. The difficulty increases as you go further in the game as your enemies will keep getting more frequent as well as their troops will be much more difficult to defeat.


Download this game for a unique experience of politics and statecraft like you have experienced before. Increase your thinking capacity and push your boundaries, play the game just the way you want and try to win. Mod Apk



Q. Is Mod APK a free game?

Yes, the game is free of cost for all the players.

Q. Are all levels already unlocked in the modified version of Mod APK?

Yes, the modified version allows you to play any level as all of them are unlocked.

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