Talking Tom Mod Apk v5.8.0.544 (Unlimited Coins) for Android Free Download

Talking Tom Mod Apk
App NameTalking Tom Apk
Compatible with4.1 and up
Latest versionv5.8.0.544
DeveloperOutfit7 Limited
Google play linkcom.outfit7
Size87.2 MB

Have you ever asked your parents to let you keep a pet cat and they decline following with an excuse that you cannot fight? They presume that you are not “responsible” enough to take care of a pet, but don’t you worry, we have the perfect solution to your problem, and application to help you prove to your parents that you can take care of a tiny, furry, and loveable creature. Talking Tom Mod allows you to go through the entire experience of taking care of a new born kitten, nurturing him to health, and being there for Tom throughout his childhood every step of way. Experience all the amazing wonders of playing with your cat, feeding him, and train your cat to say everything you say, how cool is that?! Having a virtual pet like Tom is equally as satisfying and enjoyable as adopting a real life cat; make Tom your new lovable best friend. Best of all you can take him everywhere with you in your pocket and he will only be a click away, how great is that? Show all your friends all the astounding tricks he can do and joke with them through Tom’s iconic voice. Take time and experience what it is like to have a beloved cat, taste the fun you are missing out by not having a cat, and have fun teaching Tom tricks and how to talk. Enjoy the joys of becoming a salient part of Tom’s life.


  • The application size is smaller than regular applications
  • You can play with Tom even when you do not have access to the internet
  • Take your virtual pet with you everywhere you go
  • Application is developed in such a manner that it works on all mobile devices and does not lag or slow down any processes.
  • Talking Tom Mod can be run on all software’s, iOS and Android
  • No advertisements to distract you from alone time with your new furry best friend


  • Talking Tom Mod application can take up a lot of your battery life as the application is still running while your mobile device is on standby
  • You may receive a lot of notifications about updates on Tom


  • The game does not only comprise of you taking care of Tom, but it also helps entertain you and gives you an opportunity to earn coins for Tom through a variety of fun filled mini games that will keep you engaged with the application and push you to spend more time with Tom. The mini games include a number of amusing arcade games that are constantly being updated.
  • Earn coins to update Tom’s wardrobe and make him look like a stud and spend on top of the line toys which you can use to play with Tom
  • The game is suited for all age bands, through an easy user interface, you can pet Tom, give him a belly rub to make him purr and best and most significant of all, you can make him talk
  • Get a chance to interact with Tom in fun and entertaining conversations through the voice back technology developed for this application. Listen to Tom repeating all the hilarious jokes you say in his unique and iconic kitten voice.
  • Unlike other games, Talking Tom Mod provides you with a very important lesson, the lesson of responsibility. While Talking Tom is all fun and games, side by side you need to make sure that the adorable kitten is fed properly and given proper attention and affection that a real cat deserves
  • The exceptional graphics and accurate and authentic sounds will make this game and experience even more wholesome and realistic

How to Download Talking Tom Mod

Step 1)

To get a taste of what it feels like to take care of the ever so amazing and loveable Talking Tom, click on the downloadable link

Step 2)

You will get a conformation message asking if you want to download the file, click “OK”

Step 3)

After the file has been downloaded, proceed by moving the application to your smart phone or tablet according to your preference and install it (if you initially downloaded it on your mobile then just install the file directly)

Step 4)

Once the transfer is complete, you will be redirected to the installation page of the game

Step 5)

Click “Install” and the game will automatically install, then launch the game and enjoy the company of Tom


Can I feed Talking Tom in the game?

Yes, by playing the mini games you can earn coins and buy Tom’s favorite treats for him and feed them to Tom.

Can I download Talking Tom Mod from the Google Play Store?

No, Talking Tom Mod is a modified application and it can only be installed by downloading a file from the internet.

What is the file size of Talking Tom Mod?

The file size is around 80 MB’s.

  • Gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Strategy

Final Verdict

What better way to pass time than to take care of a tiny fur ball, the My Talking Tom application will give you the opportunity to take care of a kitten and see him through all his phases, from a baby to his teen years. Additionally, this application will prove to your parents that you are responsible enough to take care of a real life cat if you do a good job bringing up Tom. Cherish the company of Tom and all the fun he brings along with him; get hooked to the best mini games, if you are bored of one game just switch to the next one in the same application. Not only that but you will get laughing fits while talking to Tom because of his legendary voice. If you are a cat lover who cannot stand to be away from your cat then this is the game for you, take Tom everywhere you go, to work, in the car, or even on a vacation! Talking Tom is waiting for you a click away.

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