Temple Run: Oz Mod Apk v7.6 Download For Android

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Temple Run: Oz Mod Apk V7.6 Download For Android
App Name Temple Run Oz Mod APK
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Latest Version v7.6
Get it On com.LQ.ozrun.escapetemp
Price Free
Size v5.8
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Arcade
Update July 03, 2023 (5 months ago)

Who hasn’t played temple run? It is one of the most popular games and millions of people have downloaded and played it in recent years. This game is the most recognizable and fun game that people of all ages love to install on their phones to play whenever they get bored.

This game gives you the chance to run endlessly while collecting coins. The endless run that doesn’t end until you want it to end or until the game finishes with you falling down or getting captured. It is so addictive because even though there is not much to do, you get competitive to get the highest scores or sometimes beat your own records.

Temple Run Oz Mod APK

Download Temple Run: Oz APK

The essence of the game is widely known. You play the character of a person at an ancient temple who is being chased by the most threatening demons. You try to get away from them which is why you end up running.

The running is not without its obstacles because the temple is mostly destroyed and you are running on the most difficult paths that have trees growing out that may tackle you and make you lose your balance. The path is sometimes broken also and you have to make sure to jump over the broken paths or run on the sides. The path is very narrow with the chance of you falling off in an instant if you lose your focus.

Download Temple Run: Oz Mod APK

There are so many characters in the game with their own looks and features. As you run, you will get multiple power boosts on your way that will help you to run faster, shield you or aid you in collecting all the coins.

The modified version is the most convenient with so many features already unlocked. You don’t have to worry about collecting the coins in this version or getting power boosts because the unlimited coins will help you get all the powers you want.

Temple Run Oz Mod APK

Features of Temple Run: Oz Mod APK

Run away from the threats

As you are in the temple, you have to get away with the treasures that you have collected. The creatures and demons in the game chase after you to stop you from escaping. You have to run at the fastest speeds to get away from these creatures. Do not let the creatures catch you because if they do, the game will be over.

Various obstacles

The temple in the game is very tricky and has all the obstacles and hurdles to make your run even more difficult. There will be fire on your path that you have to jump over or slide under, the broken bridges are tricky and can easily make you fall off. The multiple hurdles can slow you down so that the creatures can catch up with you.

Various characters

The characters in the game let you have a different experience every time because they all have their own abilities. Their powers differ from each other. You have to unlock these characters as you progress in the game.

Interesting graphics

The graphics in the game are designed with details kept in mind. The temple looks like the ancient and medieval building with broken structures while the animation of the creatures and the characters is on point. Users have not faced any issues with the game’s graphics.

Boost your speed

On your path, at different intervals, you will get many speed boosters that will increase your speed and help you run the fastest so there is distance between you and the creatures. You have to control the character carefully with this booster and adjust your timing according to the high running speed.

Magnet to attract the coins

This power is very helpful in collecting the coins. As you run, it becomes difficult to collect all the coins in your path but when you get a magnet booster, the coins will automatically get attracted to you without you making any efforts.

Easiest controls

The controls in the game are so simple that you don’t have to practice a lot to fully be prepared to play. You just have to touch your screen and slide up to make your character jump or down to make your character slide. Just tilt the phone left or right to control which way your character is running. And slide left or right to make your character turn in different directions.

No pop ups

The modified version of the game has no advertisements so you will not have to wait for all the pop ups to end to resume playing.

Temple Run Oz Mod APK


This game is very user friendly with its extremely simple controls and gameplay. It does not make the player put in a lot of effort, but at the same time makes the experience so much enjoyable. You will not be able to stop playing once you start.


Q. Do I get extra coins in Temple Run: Oz Mod APK?

The modified version of the game gives you access to unlimited coins that you can use to buy the different powers and boosters.

Q. How do I unlock the characters in Temple Run: Oz Mod APK?

The modified version of the game gives you al the characters unlocked.

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