Tiles Hop Mod Apk v5.13.3 Download Unlimited Diamonds

APK Bigs - Nov 14, 2023

Tiles Hop Mod Apk V5.13.3 Download Unlimited Diamonds
App Name Tiles Hop Mod Apk
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Latest Version v5.13.3
Get it On com.amanotes.beathopper
Price Free
Size 111 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Music
Update November 14, 2023 (5 months ago)

A music lover’s absolute delight, and not just any music, electronic dance music or EDM. This is the game that brings these music lovers a chance to listen and feel like they are creating the music they love so much.

As it’s a game, a competitive streak can help you bring the best music you can create to the table.

Tiles Hop Mod Apk

The game basically consists of a white ball that you have to control, make melodies and rhythms with and tackle the various challenges as you jump from one level to another. This app can quickly become your favo app because it will contain your favourite music tracks to listen to as well.

Download Tiles Hop APK

The app’s controls are really easy and don’t have to be complex for you to get it while the beats excite you and make you want to play the game even better than before. Start off by making your shiny ball jump from one tile to the next while following the rhythms and bests of various soundtracks. Trust your instincts and be quick because anything can go wrong if you look away for a second even.

There are various songs and music tracks available on the app that are completely free. There will be tracks from many different instruments and you can choose your favourite one.

Download Tiles Hop Mod APK

As the game is focused more on music, the app comes with countless tracks that you can enjoy free of cost, with no in-app purchases and the best experience for the players. You can choose the genres of the music whether it’s Rock, Hip Hop, indie music or EDM. The genre of the music will decide the beats and rhythms and eventually decide the difficulty level of the game.

There will be different backgrounds on different levels and with different genres of the music so it will not be a monotonous experience for the players. The ball is extremely easy to move and can be controlled by even the slightest touch on the screen.

Tiles Hop Mod Apk

Countless songs and tracks

All music lovers and players of the game will want a good enough variety of different music tracks and songs that they can select and play the game. Only a few limited choices will be predictable for the players.

Upload songs of your choice

You are not limited to the choices provided by the app as you can upload your own favourite songs that may not be available on the app and start off playing the game. With this feature, it is almost like you have an unlimited choice in the selection of music.

Tiles Hop Mod Apk

Easy controls

The controls of the game are extremely simple and are mostly reliant on the touch sensitivity of the user and the device. You don’t have to do much, just make use of one or two finders and make them as intuitive as possible so that they can work on their own.


The game is absolutely free. Users do not have to pay anything to be able to install the game and there are no further purchases to be made after the game is downloaded either.

Customise the balls

You can even customise the balls you play the game with. The ball is basically the most important tool in the game, and you can choose to make it look like whatever you want. You can change the colour of the ball and with different options, add amazing visual effects to give it an interesting look.

Backgrounds can be changed

You do not have to keep playing the game with the same monotonous background. Different backgrounds come with different colours and a different vibe, they can also be changed according to the mood of the music track that you have selected.

Play online

You can now challenge various gamers online and play with them for rewards and points. You can even invite your friends to join and compete with you to give it a more interesting and challenging aspect. You can take screenshots of the records made by you and share them on your social media accounts as well.

Immaculate sound quality

As the game is largely dependent on music, sound quality has to be one of the best things about it as well. The tracks in the choices provided by the game are all one of the best tracks and the sound is of the highest quality that will give the users the best experience.

Tiles Hop Mod Apk


This is the best game for you to enjoy music and exciting challenges. The game also allows you to play with your friends so the next time you hang out with them, you know which game you can challenge them about.


Q. Is Tiles Hop Mod APK free?

Yes, the app is completely free and all the features on the app are also free of cost.

Q. Can we add songs in Tiles Hop Mod APK?

Yes, you are free to upload songs other than those provided by the app.

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