UPX Apk 98.0.4758.101 New Version Download For Android

APK Bigs - Mar 15, 2023

UPX Apk 98.0.4758.101 New Version Download For Android
App Name UPX Apk
Compatible with Android 7.0
Latest Version v98.0.4758.101
Get it On net.upx.proxy.browser
Price Free
Size 107 MB
MOD Info For Android
Category Business
Update March 15, 2023 (6 months ago)

Applications and websites that are not possible to get to in order to use them because they are blocked by your government or the website has limited access. For that case, you have an amazing application named UPX APK so you will get all such websites that are not part of your region.

This application simply changes your IP address that is bothering you when using any site. It will hide your IP address and make it possible for you to access any of the blocked websites. The access is fast and you will not have to worry about your location to be known by anyone. This application is used by a lot of people from all around the world and all of them are satisfied.



Every application has some new versions but the first version will have its own charm. If you want to download the first version you can download it from the Google Play Store and start getting access to the websites that are not made for your region. You just simply need to get this app and the rest of the work is upon it. so download now and get the facilities of all the advanced features by paying money. 


Features of UPX APK

Quick Working

This amazing UPX APK application works very fast and you will not find it a buffering application because once you get the connection the server works quickly and you will find your websites instantly.

Safest Way to Access Blocked Websites

If you want to get access to the blocked websites then you should go for UP X APK because it is one of the best VPN Services that will provide you the safest way to use all the blocked websites that are not available in your region.

Changes IP Address

The first thing this application do is to change your IP address which is the main thing if you IP address this not change the blocked websites of your region can not be reachable.

Easy to Use

You will love trying out each and every feature of this application because it is not that difficult to understand once you start using options not hidden you will find it in front of your screen.

No Records

This application does not retain any kind of records of your searching and website opening experience because if you want to use VPN that means you don't want to keep any residues of using any websites that are not reachable in your region.


Why is UPX Pro so Special?

UPX Pro APK is another version of this application as the developers want to give each other a facility to its users. You will find it very easy to use the pro version as the charges are cut off and you will be able to reach any site and get the best server for your website location. There is much more to know about this particular VPN app.

Download UPX Pro Latest Version 2023

UPX Pro APK is going to make your VPN experience double the fun because it was recently updated in 2023 which means it will provide you with each and every good feature without any kind of problem created by the application or ads.  

Features of UPX Pro APK

Free of Ads

This application is adsfree which means if you are using VPN for any website in this service you will not find advertisements popping out to the deviate attention as developers have made the app in a way that it will not pop-up any kind of ads.

No Charges

The charges you are supposed to pay for premium features are not going to be a part of this application which means you have premium features but you do not have to pay for them.

Get the Best Service

You will get the best services when you get the pro version of UPX Pro as you will find the nearest server of your website which will help you work very conveniently.

Frequently Updates

The application updates frequently which means there will be no glitches found once you download the latest version this is one of the favors of downloading the latest version.


Why Download UPX Pro APK?

UPX Pro APK is a stunning VPN service that will be provided to you with very quick working. The capability of the pro version is going to make you amaze if you use applications for reaching a website that is blocked in your country and you want to use them no matter what category this website is for easily reaching them without any cost.

Final Verdict

UPX APK is an outstanding way of getting your hands on all the blocked sites and applications. You will now not be restricted to use all sites that are available in your region. You have this VPN that will provide you with each and every site unblocked on your phone.


Q. What is the size of the UPX APK app?

The size of the UPX APK app is just 40 MB.

Q. Is there any way that your privacy gets breached in the UPX APK app?

Do not worry about such a thing as this would not happen. This is a foolproof app. 

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