VAINGLORY APK v4.13.4 (147219) Mod + Data Game for Android and Download

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VAINGLORY APK V4.13.4 (147219) Mod + Data Game For Android And Download
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Information of VAINGLORY APK

Compatible with 4.1 and up
Latest Version v4.13.4 (147219)
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Price Free
Size 1.30 GB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category MOBA
Update September 12, 2022 (5 months ago)

As kids people used to get really fascinated by big hulk like creatures that are often knows as transformers which symbolized power back in times. Often at school on a fancy-dress competition, kids mainly boys would sport the transformer suit and would like to believe that they are powerful amongst their peers.

Taking advantage of this, the game developers established a variety of games which had these as the fighting icons. Vainglory is amongst a few games that have been developed inspired by the league of legends. Vainglory has amazing graphics and visuals which makes the user very attracted to the game. Vainglory is the game which enables you to party with your friends, ensures that you have a good time whenever you play it individually or with friends.





  • Remarkable Graphics

This game is amazingly developed by keeping in mind every minor detail while crafting it. Its graphics gives the user an added flavor of the gaming world. In any game the graphics of the game is the key to engage the players and make them come back every time, this game has been successful in doing so.

  • Real life characters and story line

This game has a wide selection of characters which range up to 48, this gives players to select the characters of their choices. These characters are also inspired by real life characters which is remarkable as players have fun in making their favorite real-life characters fight for their success.

  • Different characters possess varying characteristics

Vainglory has wide selection of players or characters but what makes it even more exciting is the fact that all the characters possess varying characteristics. This means you can choose character that is most suited for the battle according to the kind of fight that is taking place.

  • Expanded game map

Vainglory also has an extended game map through which you can decide to play at various locations every time you decide a rematch. This is also a representation of the amazing graphics and effort put in to developing this game.


  • Complicated controls

This game has controls that may be a little too complicated for the players to understand as it will take a lot for practice to get used to the control. Players that are used to playing games with the traditional joystick will find it even more hard to get familiar with controls

  • Heavy

This game is heavy, when downloaded on to your android phones which may cause your phone functioning to slow down significantly. Although the cleaning up your device junk files may not cause your phone to slow down.



  • Over 48 characters

This game has a very wide variety of characters, precisely 48 spikes up the interest of the player. Each and every character has a unique characteristic and power which are inspired by real life characters.

  • Unique play style and combinations

Vainglory has a very unique combination in their characters with different powers combined, also they have a different playstyle which makes them slightly unique amongst other action games.

  • Influential bonuses and point gains

You can gain a lot of powerful bonuses and points which can help you access various features during the battle.

  • Vision

This game gives the player a chance to put their strategic abilities to test which may with time help in broadening their vision.

  • Character from true stories

Vainglory has a number of players and most of them are inspired by the real-life true stories which makes the game even more remarkable.

  • Teleport

Also, a distinct teleport feature in this game helps the characters to teleport from one place to another instantly.


  • Big timely fights

You can have a big fight of you can enjoy a free five-minute play time.

  • Unlocking new features

In the newly developed feature, you can unlock the skin and various elements in the game without losing points.



The download of this game is very easy and will take just a few steps to install, these steps are listed below:

  • First method to download can be through Google play, simply type in the game’s name and then click on the install button.
  • Another method is through the provided google link.
  • Go to your phone setting then click on the download file.
  • Enable the unknown source file.
  • Click on the apk install link.
  • You can play the game now.


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Q. Does Google play give access to this game?

Yes! The game can be downloaded through Google play in just few easy steps which are mentioned above.

Q. What are the difficulties faced while playing this game?

The biggest setback lies in its controls which are a little complicated for players, especially those who play games through the usual joystick.

Q. Does any cost have to be paid to install this game?

No! The good thing about this game is that you do not even have to pay a single penny to play and enjoy this game.

Q. Will this game cause the phone to hang?

May be! This game is a heavier file and due to the space accumulated by the game it can make your phone hang but it really also depends on your phone.

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