Wattpad Premium Apk v10.36.0 Premium Unlocked

APK Bigs - Nov 13, 2023

Wattpad Premium Apk V10.36.0 Premium Unlocked
App Name Wattpad Premium Apk
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Latest Version v10.36.0
Get it On wp.wattpad
Price Free
Size 27 MB
MOD Info Premium, Free Coins Stories
Category Education
Update November 13, 2023 (3 months ago)

There are a lot of people that have this hobby of reading books and writing them. One of the greatest things in the world to relax yourself is to read books and if you are also a writer it will be best. for the community that love reading and writing need to get Wattpad Premium APK to enhance this hobby.

With the help of this application you will have the premium version of Wattpad in which you can easily write stories and if you want to join the reading session you can easily find any author in the application. It is not necessary that the author is famous, anyone can write in this application so anyone can read their stories too. If you are interested to know, below are some points that are necessary to know what is Wattpad Premium APK.

Wattpad APK

The Wattpad APK is one of the best inventions that the developers have made because it will give you the platform to write and read the thousands of stories available that you can read. Some parts can be expensive for you but most of the stories and functions are free to use so you can go for this application if you are getting bored or reading and writing is your hobby.

Wattpad Apk

Features of Wattpad APK

Write your Stories

Wattpad APK is a platform that is going to give you an amazing way of writing your stories. If you are a writer and know how to write a good story that attracts people, you should go for this platform and write your stories.

Read Stories

Reading stories that are made up by local writers is also not that boring and if you want to read such stories you can go to Wattpad APK and get the stories read as there are a huge variety of amazing authors part of Wattpad APK that write the stories on it.

Find Community of Writers

You will find a huge community of writers and leaders in this application and you can get connected with them so that you guys can carry on the conversation outside this application.

Mark your Favorite Books

You can easily make a list and mark your favorite books on the Wattpad APK so whenever you want to read them you can easily open it without even going to the search bar and searching for the name of it.

Leave Comments

You can leave a comment on anyone's story you like, you can recommend people in the comments section and appreciate the writer.

Get Membership

Getting membership is one of the favors that you can give to yourself but it would cost you money. The membership will help you in reaching out to the stories and writing in a perfect way.

Wattpad Apk

Why is Wattpad Premium so Special?

Wattpad APK is a special version that is going to be giving you the opportunities and advantages of a pro version. It will not give you any chance of lacking interest because it will show you all the membership features without any cost which is why it is famous.

Download Wattpad Premium Latest Version 2023

Wattpad Premium APK version 2023 is the most recent one and if you want yourself to be treated with the updated features you should go for this version.

Features of Wattpad Premium APK

No Ads

The preference of the premium version developers is to give the best possible opportunities to its users and one of the best favors that it is providing is no ads policy.

Get Membership Free

Getting a membership free of cost is one of the most prominent advantages of the premium version. If you want to get membership free of cost, head on towards this application.

Easy to Install

It is very easy to install and not when easy it is free to which means the features are free and installation is also free.


Wattpad Apk

Why Download Wattpad Premium APK?

By getting the point written above you now know that the Wattpad Premium apk is the better version of this application and should be on your device if you want to read or write on the application. It is one of the best platforms with free features that is why you should go for it.

Wattpad Apk

Final Verdict

Wattpad Premium apk is the premium version of an amazing platform where you can read and write. It has a lot of authors so you can easily go for this application if you have access to the website. Install and start reading and writing the stories in your free time.


Q. What is the size of the Wattpad Premium APK app?

The size of the Wattpad Premium APK app is just 27 MB which is a good size to accommodate in any device easily.

Q. Can we share stories with friends and Wattpad Premium APK app?

Whichever story you like that you read on Wattpad you can easily share that with your friends and let them read too.

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