WWE Immortals Mod APK v2.6.3 All Characters Unlocked Download

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WWE Immortals Mod APK V2.6.3 All Characters Unlocked Download
App Name WWE Immortals Mod APK
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Latest Version v2.6.3
Get it On com.wb.wwe.brawler2014
Price Free
Size 42 MB
MOD Info All Characters Unlocked
Category Action
Update October 15, 2022 (12 months ago)

We have grown up watching WWE superstars. WWE was a series that was loved by everyone and there are still so many fans of this series. There are so many superstars that are loved by people. For example John Cena, Rock, Triple H etc. All of these superstars have a place in our heart. There are also so many games available that include the superheroes but in these games we can use some of the tricks of the WWE superstars but there is a game called WWE Immortals.

In this game the superstars also have some special abilities and they have some superpowers that they can utilize in their gameplay. This game usually contains the team Battles and in this game you can also fight outside the ring. All the WWE superstars are included in this game and it also contains Brock Lesnar,  Undertaker, Kane, John Cena and Rock but you need to unlock all these characters one by one and to unlock them you need to get the platinum currency which is required to buy the new characters. This can be earned by winning the battles with other superstars. You want to know more features of this game then have a look at this article.

WWE Immortals Mod APK

Download WWE Immortals APK

When we were kids we were ready to do anything to meet our favourite WWE superstars but we were not able to do so and that's why we used to watch them on TV. But now you can play as your favourite superstars with the help of the game called WWE Immortals. It is named as Immortals because in this game your superstars have some special powers that they can use to defeat their opponent. In this game you will have to fight the dual Battles in which you can invite your friends and can even play with online players. This game also allows you to play outside the ring and choose another environment where you can fight with your rival.

Unlocked WWE Immortals MOD APK

As you know that in the WWE Immortal game there are so many different super stars including John Cena, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar but to unlock all these superstars you need to use the game currency. But if you cannot wait to earn the required currency to unlock your favourite character then you can download WWE Immortals Mod APK. It is the hacked version of this game and by downloading this version you will get unlimited Platinum currency that can be used to get any superstar you want and you can also buy various Special Powers with it.

WWE Immortals Mod APK

Features of the WWE Immortals

High Quality graphics

This game includes high quality graphics in which you can see some realistic environments. You will also get to see the realistic images of your favourite superstars who resemble so much to the real ones.

Play as your favourite superstars

In this game all the WWE superstars are included and you can unlock them and play as them whenever you want. This game includes superstars like Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Triple H, Hogan and John Cena. All of these characters resemble their original Avatar and also have their special outfits and songs.

Different Kind of Battles

You can play many different kinds of battles in this game. For example there is a dual battle and you can even go for the 3 combat matches in which there would be two rivals that you need to compete with.

Use your super powers

This game is based on the same concept of the WWE series but in this game all your superstars have some superpowers that they can use in their gameplay to defeat their enemy.

Unlock new Characters

In this game you can earn Platinum currency by winning the matches and this Platinum currency can be used to unlock the new characters in the WWE Immortal game.

Soundtracks of Superstars

If you are a fan of WWE then you must have known that every superstar has a soundtrack that is played at the entry of that Superstar. All the soundtracks are also available in this game.

Customize your characters

If you want to get the new clothes for your superstars then you can also do this. You can accessorise them with different chains and can also give them customised bands.

Unlimited Currency

If you download WWE Immortals Mod APK then you will get unlimited Platinum currency that can be used to unlock the characters.

WWE Immortals Mod APK


WWE mortals is a game that allows you to play as your favourite superstar but with some extra powers. You can also customise the environment on which you can play. If you want to get unlimited Platinum currency in this game then you can download WWE Immortals Mod APK.




Q. How do you unlock the new superstars in WWE Immortals?

You need to spend Platinum currency to unlock the superstars.

Q. What is the Size of the WWE Immortals?

The size of the WWE Immortals is 1.5 GB.

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