ZEDGE Apk v8.20.6 Unlimited Money

APK Bigs - Nov 13, 2023

ZEDGE Apk V8.20.6 Unlimited Money
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Latest Version v8.20.6
Get it On net.zedge.android
Price Free
Size 26 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Productivity
Update November 13, 2023 (3 months ago)

If you are using your smartphone for quite a long time you must have noticed this thing that you have nothing cool to put on your screen as a wallpaper or lock screen. At the same time, you have some boring ringtones that are very common and everyone has them. If you want change in your life you should go for ZEDGE APK.

This app will totally change the entire look of a smartphone and make it a unique one because it has a number of different kinds of wallpapers and many amazing things for you to choose from. If you have any sort of theme in your mind to put on your phone, this can be done on your smartphone.


The incredible app has different versions but the version we are talking about in this part is the first one which is easily available for everyone to download on their smartphones through the app store. If you want to know the features there are different kinds of them. If you have enough choices available in the built in features then you can easily use them for free, but for the premium wallpapers and ringtones you need to pay for that.


Zedge Ringtone Apk

Features of ZEDGE APK

Library of Wallpapers

The application is full of an amazing library of wallpapers that you can choose your favorite ones from and put on your smartphone. This is an amazing thing that it is providing because all the built in smartphone wallpapers are not that cool.

Choose Ringtones

There is a huge variety of ringtones available where you have choices according to your taste. There are different genres of ringtones where there is a facility of putting those ringtones on your alarm tone too, so that it will bring a new and unique thing.

Easy Interface

The easy user interface is attracting people because it is easier to put ringtone and wallpapers on your phone like you are doing it casually on the built in smartphone wallpapers and ringtones.

Premium Wallpapers and Ringtones

There are some amazing premium tools that are available only for the user who goes for the procedure of payment. You can give charges of this use feature and use all the premium ringtones and wallpaper.


Customization is also a good thing in this app that can help you in many ways. if there is something you don't like to put on your phone and there is some customisation needed then you can also do it.


The annoying parts could appear while you are doing some work because this application contains ads and this is what you have to bear with.

Zedge Ringtone Apk

Why is ZEDGE Pro so Special?

The special part of ZEDGE Pro APK is that you have an immense variety of different kinds of new features because it is frequently updating and making things easier for you. With the updates, also you have the facility to use premium wallpapers and ringtones free of cost.

Download ZEDGE Pro Latest Version 2023

The version that is more acceptable if you go for red because it contains a lot of new features and the updating process is also very good. The version was updated recently in 2023 so you must need to get it.

Features of ZEDGE Pro Apk

Free of Ads

This new amazing pro version is free of any kind of ads that you must have been watching in the previous versions. Now it is totally unacceptable to appear on your screens.

Download Without Charges

There is no downloading free at all if you download the ZEDGE APK Pro version you will be provided full access to the website and it is where you can download it. 

Free Ringtones

There are many ringtones that used to be part of the premium features in the previous versions but now in this version you are free to use all of them.

Free Wallpapers

The free wallpaper feature is amazing because most of the advance and modified wallpapers for part of it including the animated wallpaper.

Why Download ZEDGE Pro Apk?

The most amazing part of downloading the ZEDGE Pro APK app on your device is to get unlimited benefits out of it. As it consists of amazing animated wallpapers and ringtones that will blow up your mind and make the smartphone an upgraded level, all of this is free of cost.

Zedge Ringtone Apk

Final Verdict

ZEDGE APK is an amazing application that has different versions. You can get an amazing amount of libraries where you have animated or static wallpapers along with ringtones that you can use in an alarm too. Many different features are part of it that you can only do if you download it.


Q. What is the size of the ZEDGE Pro APK app?

The size of the ZEDGE Pro APK app is just 39 MB.

Q. Are the animated wallpapers also free of cost in ZEDGE Pro APK?

Yes, animated wallpapers are also free of calls even if they fall in the category of premium ones, it is free of charge.

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