Dumpster Apk v3.18.411.b45a Download

APK Bigs - Nov 03, 2023

Dumpster Apk V3.18.411.b45a Download
App Name Dumpster APK
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Latest Version v3.18.411.b45a
Get it On com.baloota.dumpster
Price Free
Size 16 MB
MOD Info For Andriod
Category Tools
Update November 03, 2023 (8 months ago)

Have you ever had a moment of panic when you accidentally deleted something important from your phone or tablet? I know I have, and it feels terrible! But guess what? I found a super-duper magical solution for you! It's called Dumpster APK. Just like the recycle bin on your computer, this app can save the day by bringing back all the files you thought were gone forever! No more tears or worries! Let me tell you all about this fantastic app, so keep reading!

What is Dumpster APK?

Dumpster APK is like a little superhero that saves your deleted stuff from disappearing forever. Just imagine having a real recycle bin on your phone, where you can put all the files you don't want, but later realize you actually need them! Dumpster works just like that, but in a digital way!

Dumpster APK

Features of Dumpster APK

Deleted Contacts Savior

Oops, did you accidentally delete a friend's number? Don't panic! Dumpster to the rescue! This amazing feature can bring back those important contacts, just like a phone book wizard! Tap, and they're back on your phone, ready to chat and hang out!

Customizable Recovery

Hey, you get to decide! Dumpster lets you choose which types of files it should save, so it only keeps what's most important to you. Whether it's precious photos, funny videos, or important documents, Dumpster's got your back with personalized recovery options!

Instant Preview

Dumpster lets you sneak a peek inside a file before recovering it. No more guessing games! See what's inside, and if it's the right file, tap to bring it back from the digital abyss! It's like magic!

Safe and Secure

Shh, it's a secret! All your deleted files are protected with a special PIN, so only you can access them. Your privacy is super important, and Dumpster keeps everything safe and sound, like a vault!

Scheduled Auto-Clean

Say goodbye to digital clutter! Dumpster can clean up old files automatically, so your phone stays organized without any effort from you. It's like having your very own digital maid!

Trash Emptying Reminder

Oops, almost forgot to empty the recycle bin? Don't worry, Dumpster will remind you to do it now and then, so you don't run out of space on your device. It's like a helpful little reminder fairy!

Dumpster APK

Quick Recovery

With just a tap, you can get back anything you thought was gone forever. It's so quick and easy! Dumpster is like a superhero who saves your files in the blink of an eye!

File Sharing

Sharing is caring! Dumpster lets you share your recovered files with friends through social media or messaging apps. Show off your favorite pics and videos with ease!

Secure Deletion

Sometimes, you really want to say goodbye to a file forever. Dumpster can shred it into digital pieces, so it's gone for good! No trace left behind!

Smart Lock

Lock it up! Dumpster can lock certain files to keep them safe from accidental deletion. Say hello to peace of mind!

Multiple Device Support

Are you a multi-device master? Dumpster's got your back! You can use it on multiple devices, like phones and tablets, and keep all your stuff synced up! Stay organized no matter where you go!

Quick Recovery from Cloud

If you ever change your device or get a new one, Dumpster can bring back all your saved files from the cloud in a snap! It's like magic teleportation for your files!

Dumpster APK

App Uninstaller

Dumpster doesn't just recover, it also helps you clean up! It can uninstall apps you don't need anymore, freeing up valuable space on your device. Goodbye, space hogs!

Instant Sharing

Dumpster lets you share your recovered files directly from the app to your favorite messaging apps or email. Share the fun with your friends and family!

User-Friendly Interface

Dumpster is super easy to use, even for a little kid like me. It's like magic made simple! Just tap, recover, and voila!

New Features of Dumpster APK

Animated Stickers

Dumpster now comes with fun and adorable animated stickers to make your recovery experience even more enjoyable! Add a touch of magic to your files!

In-App Guidance

Feeling a bit lost? Dumpster's got your back with handy in-app tips and guidance! You'll become a Dumpster pro in no time!

Photo Filters

Give your recovered photos a makeover! Dumpster now lets you add cool filters before sharing them with your buddies. Make your pics stand out!

Why is Dumpster APK a Good Game?

Dumpster APK is not exactly a game, but it's like having a magical game that helps you recover lost things. You know how superheroes save the day? Well, Dumpster is like that hero for your phone or tablet! It's the ultimate solution for all your accidental deletions. With the Dumpster by your side, you'll never have to worry about losing your precious stuff ever again!

Download Dumpster APK Latest Version 2023

Before you run to download Dumpster, make sure you're getting the latest version! Dumpster is always improving, just like superheroes train to be even better at saving the day! So, go ahead and update to the latest version of Dumpster to enjoy all the fantastic features and surprises!

Dumpster APK

Final Verdict

And there you have it! Dumpster APK is the ultimate solution to all your accidental deletions. It's like having a superhero right on your phone or tablet, saving your precious files and memories from disappearing forever. With its easy-peasy features and user-friendly interface, even a little kid like me can become a digital wizard with Dumpster! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download Dumpster now, and say goodbye to deletion worries forever! Happy recovering!


Q. Can I recover files that I deleted a long time ago in Dumpster APK?

Absolutely! Dumpster keeps your deleted files safe for as long as you need them. You can go back in time and recover files from way back when!

Q. Is Dumpster available for iPhone users?

Unfortunately, Dumpster APK is currently available for Android devices only. But if you have an Android, you're in for a real treat!

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