EPSXe Apk v2.0.16 Download Free For Android

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EPSXe Apk V2.0.16 Download Free For Android
App Name EPSXE
Compatible with 2.3 and up
Latest Version v2.0.16
Get it On com.epsxe.ePSXe
Price Free
Size 7.5MB
MOD Info For Android
Category Tools
Update October 07, 2023 (9 months ago)

EPSXe Apk is an emulation application which allows android users to emulate the play station applications on their android smart phones. This application comes with a plug in base emulation which includes internal plug in as well as supports multiple formats like .bin, .cue and more. This tool is a highly stable tool providing an amazing experience to the users as well as allows them to use the same plug in as the other emulators in the family.

This tool is famous for its amazing graphics quality, fast speed, accurate sounds and extremely high compatibility as it can run on any android operating system without a glitch. This tool provides game pad support for a smooth game play and to provide the real play station game play to the users on their android phones and also provides the users with split screen views so that two players can enjoy a game and the save, load and cheat states lets them continue, play and pause the game as per their desire.



Stable, Modes and Supports

EPSXe Apk is one of the best applications of all time. This tool provides emulation of the play stations on android devices and is one of the best applications when it comes to emulations and usage of the emulators. This tool is extremely easy to use and even the new will not have difficulty in getting adapted to this emulator. This emulator emulates every type of game from the play stations to the android smart phones and allows users to use the split screen feature as well while using this application. This is a highly stable application and provides multiple supports to the users so that they do not have to install different applications to run their favorite games or apps on android.

Highly Compatible and Players

The ePSXe Apk is a highly stable and compatible application which allows users to have a 99% or more compatibility with their android devices. This application has very fast and great speed as well as has a lower loading time and exact sounds which comes just like play stations. This application is designed in a way that is supports around one to four players game play and includes an amazing option of split screen mode where two players can enjoy the games simultaneously. Not only this, this tool also has almost all of the play station library available so that players can pick any game and starting having fun without thinking much.


Game pads and Sticks

This emulator tool provides the users with customizable controls as well as a complete hardware controller support. The ePSXe Apk allows users to use virtual touch screen pad support as well as hardware buttons mapping such as in Xperia phones having keyboards and game pads, external game pads and more which can be connected via Bluetooth, USB and more such modes. This tool also supports the analog sticks and includes the native support for the Intel AXM X86 and more such devices.

Graphics, Sounds and Codes

This tool comes with a great feature to save and load the games so that there is no difficulty for the users to leave in between the game as they can easily continue from the place they left the game. The graphics of the game are highly high definition and enhanced which means the graphics are two to four times better than that of the normal play station. The ePSXe Apk emulator uses two OpenGL renders to enhance the graphics and a software render as well as it has cheat codes, memory card compatibility and enhanced and amazing sounds for the users to enjoy with this tool.



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Q. What types of files does ePSXe Apk plays?

This application is a plug in based tool which allows play station emulation on android and the ePSXe Apk plays different emulation plug in’s as well as supports multiple CD Rom formats like .bin, .cue, multi-bin, multi-cue and more.

Q. Is ePSXe Apk for android any good or not?

A big yes! EPSXe Apk is one of the best Play Station emulators available for android devices and it is highly stable as well as supports split screen modes, save and load states, provides control customizations and much more to the users.

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