Hot Wheels Mod Apk v11.0.12232 Unlimited Money And Gems

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Hot Wheels Mod Apk V11.0.12232 Unlimited Money And Gems
App Name Hot Wheels Mod Apk
Compatible with 5.0 & Up
Latest Version v11.0.12232
Get it On com.hutchgames.hotwheels
Price Free
Size 120 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Racing
Update October 18, 2022 (1 year ago)

When we were kids we always wanted to have the hot wheels in our collection of toys and we used to collect different types of hot wheels cars. It was our dream that we could sit in these cars and ride in them but these were toy cars and they do not exist in real life but now with the help of the Hot Wheels game you would be able to drive your favourite car and you would also be provided with a lot of Amazing tracks as well.

This is a game for all the car lovers and if you want to customise your own tracks then you can also do this but this might require some subscription or money. There would be Nemesis who can destroy your car so you need to be aware of him. You can also have an extraordinary speed of your car. This is a game that contains diverse tracks where there are some loops, some roller coasters and even dangerous slides.

It is like a playland where you need to drive your car and control it to collect the different cars of the hot wheels. You need to complete the Missions one by one and after that you will be able to unlock the different cars.

Hot Wheels Mod Apk

Download Hot Wheels APK

We have been collecting the different Hot Wheels Toys from childhood but we have never got a chance to live in the world of Hot Wheels. But now with the help of the Hot Wheels game you can do this. You can have your own collection of the hot wheels cars and the different tracks of the hot wheels are also available. There is Nemesis as well that would smash your car if it comes in front of it. There are so many other obstacles and challenges as well in this game and if you want to make it more challenging then you can create your own tracks. You can add as many loops as you want in it and can add Nemesis and shark teeth as well.

Download Hot Wheels MOD APK

In the Hot Wheels game you need to complete the different missions to unlock a particular car for example they will the red Rodger and so many other cars that can only be unlocked by completing the Machines and the challenges and they is no other way to get your favourite card if you download hot wheels Mod APK than you can get unlocked cars. There is also a paid feature in this app that allows you to create your own tracks. To get rid of the charges of this mode you can also get advantage from this version.

Hot Wheels Mod Apk

Features of the Hot Wheels Game

Have your own Collection of Hot Wheels

This game allows you to have a collection of all the Hot Wheels cars which means that now you childhood dream can be fulfilled and you can have all the Hot Wheel cars.

Extraordinary Speed

In this game you can have extraordinary speed and there is no speed limit to win the race and two avoid the obstacles you need to have the highest speed.

Diverse Tracks

This game does not contain the realistic tracks you would be able to see the animated tracks in this game where there would be some rides and the different loopholes from which you need to go through.

Create your own Tracks

There is a feature in this game that allows you to create your own tracks, you can add different challenges in it and you can also add the different obstacles like the Nemesis and the shark teeth.

Jump and perform stunts

In this game you are free to perform as many stunts as you want, you can jump from the different obstacles and drift as well.

Beware of Nemesis

There would be a Nemesis who has a big slab in his hand and whenever you try to cross the path on which he is standing he tries to smash you with the slab.

Complete daily missions

This game contains daily missions that you need to complete. These challenges would help you to unlock your favourite car in this game.

Collect special rewards

You can collect some special rewards in this game that allows you to increase the speed of your car.

Unlocked Cars

In the Hot Wheels Mod APK you do not have to complete the challenges to unlock the cars because all of them are already unlocked.

Hot Wheels Mod Apk


The Hot Wheels game would make you feel like you are in a Play Land and there are so many different rides and tracks where you can drive your car. You can also create your own tracks. To drive your favourite car in this game you can download Hot Wheels Mod APK.


Q. Who is the developer of the Hot Wheels Game?

Budge Studios is the developer of the Hot Wheels game.

Q. Are there any paid features in the Hot Wheels Game?

Yes, there is a paid feature in this game that allows you to create your own tracks.

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