2 Apk v3.14.0 Unlimited Money

APK Bigs - Oct 30, 2023 2 Apk V3.14.0 Unlimited Money
App Name 2 APK
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Latest Version v3.14.0
Get it On io.voodoo.paper2
Price Free
Size 147.44 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Arcade
Update October 30, 2023 (6 months ago)

 If you are one of the fans of playing some interesting games that include fighting but not that ordinary one, you need to go for some attractive action games. But the action is not like fighting; you just have to make sure to save your territory. 2 APK one of the unique games that includes the virtual fight against the territory claim.

If you want to know about this game, you will find it amazing as it contains some features in which you have to draw different shapes on a piece of paper. The shapes are not the ordinary shapes, you have to claim for it, draw the shapes and color it so that nobody enters your territory. At the same time you need to expand your area by making more shapes but make sure that your enemy won't know about it so if you haven't coloured your area the chances of your enemy to destroy it is more. 2 APK

The game sounds very interesting and becomes more attractive if you start playing it. The game contains the addictive factor that keeps on making people play it. There are different features including the subscription of advanced features if you want to go for it.

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Features of 2 APK

Enjoyable Game

The game itself is very enjoyable and people find it very interesting to play. That is no factor of getting bored of this game because you have to constantly try to get the most part of the game.

Brilliant Controller of Movements

The controller movement that is given to you is amazing. You will find it easier to move your cube from one place to another and there is no buffering or lacking issue.

Multiplayer Game

It is a multiplayer game which means there are a lot of more interesting factors that will make you attracted towards the game. The multiplayer gameplay always attracts people.

Avoid Collisions

All you need to do is to color the paper and avoid collision with your enemy. Once you collide with it you and your enemy will destroy it so try to be in the game for a longer time.

Cover the Most Part

You need to cover the most part that is possible in your capabilities. You need to make a lot more effort to make your territory by coloring the paper.

Contains Ads

You may have to go through different drawbacks of the game but one of them is the ads that will constantly popup after every two minutes so it will make it comfortable to concentrate on the game.

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Why is 2 Pro so Special?

There are many things that are making the pro version of 2 APK special and one of them is the removal of ads. You will find it very peaceful to play and concentration will not deviate from its point because it will not appear and if it appears that can be removed forever without any cost.

Download 2 Pro Latest Version 2023

Everybody wants more amazing features in one application if they love trying out the game. if you want the same thing in this gameplay you can also find it easier to download the version 2023 because it is meeting all the requirements that you want. 

Features of 2 Pro Apk

More Lives

One of the advantages of downloading the pro version instead of the other version of 2 APK is that you will find it very easy to get more life and health once you get destroyed by your opponent which is why people are more into this version.

Help you Through Gems

The gems that you will be given by the application are in unlimited quantity which means you will find it easier to not get stuck at one position and constantly move forward.

Free of Cost

From start to finish you do not have to pay for anything in this version, which is the best part because if you want, if you need to pay anything there will be no attractive thing in that.

Why Download 2 Pro Apk?

The main reason that is the most acceptable one to download the pro version is that you will convince yourself that it is going to give you the features that other feature versions are going to do for you so it is more beneficial to download the pro version of 2 APK.

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Final Verdict 2 APK is going to be the best game for you if you are tired of playing the mainstream ones because it is going to give you a good addiction. It does not require high end mobile phones.


Q. What is the size of the 2 Pro APK app?

The size of the 2 Pro APK app is just 147.7 MB.

Q. Do we need to have high-end devices to get the 2 APK app?

There's no requirement in case of having high end phones download this game because it can be accommodate and any of your Android devices

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