Pokémon Go Apk v0.289.1 Download

APK Bigs - Nov 13, 2023

Pokémon Go Apk V0.289.1 Download
App Name Pokémon Go Apk
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Latest Version v0.289.1
Get it On com.nianticlabs.pokemongo
Price Free
Size 211MB
MOD Info Fake GPS/Hack Radar
Category Apps
Update November 13, 2023 (6 months ago)

Pokemon Go is a popular android game based on Pokemon franchise video game. In this game, you are a real-life pokemon trainer. You have to roam around your space if you want to move in the game. You can catch pokemon which look so realistic and amazing. You can find Pokémon around your surroundings and can visit pokemart to buy some Pokémon balls and other items. This game has unique and interesting gameplay.

The character in your game will not move unless you start moving in real life. There are hundreds of friendly and wild Pokémon available which you can catch and fight to increase the EXP of your pokemon. Find beautiful locations and explore different cities in game. Find pokemons around you by scanning the location through game. You can take part in Gyms to face Gym Leaders. Defeat Gym Leaders and earn rewards and Gym Badges.

You have to collect Gym Badges in order to become strongest trainer ever. Play real-time pokemon battles against real pokemon trainers around the world. This app is completely free to use and safe to download. It does not ask for any unnecessary permission. Let’s dive into the features of this game.

Pokémon Go Apk

Unique Gameplay

The gameplay of Pokemon Go is so unique and interesting. You can catch pokemons in game by moving around your surroundings in real-time. The game is totally based on your real-life movement. You can move in real-life and your character will move in game. You can find wild and friendly pokemons around you which you can catch to train them or can fight against them. You can visit pokemarts to buy pokeballs and other items.

 Real-time Trading

Trading pokemon is a great fun. In this game, you can trade Pokémon with other real players around the world. You can catch pokemons and can trade them with real players to get your favourite pokemon. You can make new friends in game as well. Trade any pokemon and give it a nickname of your choice. Earn candy bonus while trading pokemons. You can easily trade pokemon with the trainers around you. You just need internet connection and GPS location enabled in order to trade pokemons.

Pokémon Go Apk

 Hundreds of Pokemon

This game has hundreds of Pokemon which you can catch and train to create a strong team. Certain pokemons can be found on obvious places such as if you want to catch water type Pokémon, then find water around you and water type pokemon will appear. If you want to catch grass type pokemon, then go to grounds and find pokemon. Different Pokémon types are available on specific locations which you can catch. There are some legendary pokemons which are so strong and hard to find.

 Gym Battles

Pokemon Games are incomplete without Gym Battles. In Pokemon Go, you can participate in Gym Battle and can challenge Gym Leader for battle. You can find plenty of Gyms around you in the game. Face Gym Leaders and defeat them to get Gym Badges and other valuable rewards. You have to have a strong pokemon team if you want to take part in Gym Battles. You can even team up with real players around the world. Pokemon go is basically a multiplayer game.

Pokémon Go Apk

 Free and Safe to Download

Pokemon Go is completely free and safe to download. There are no hidden charges and you do not need any registration or subscription to play this game. Pokémon Go does not ask for any unnecessary permission. All you need is strong internet connection and GPS location enabled in your device to play this game smoothly.

Evolve Pokemons

You can train your Pokemon to evolve into new and stronger form. Do battle against wild pokemons and increase the EXP of your pokemon. On specific level, you pokemon will evolve into new and stronger form. Evolve your all pokemon and become the strongest pokemon trainer in the game.

Pokémon Go Apk


Q. Can I play Pokemon Go without Internet?

No, you need strong internet connection and GPS location enabled in order to play this game smoothly.

Q. How to download Pokemon Go Apk?

Simply visit our site and download the latest version of this game in your device for free.

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