Psiphon Mod Apk v364 Download For Android

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Psiphon Mod Apk V364 Download For Android
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Information of Psiphon Apk

App Name Psiphon Apk
Compatible with 4.0 and up
Latest Version v364
Get it On com.psiphon3.subscription
Price Free
Size 20 MB
MOD Info Free Subscribed
Category Tools
Update November 23, 2022 (12 days ago)

The Psiphonapk application provides users with the ability to have access to their favourite news or entertainment content without fearing that someone is supervising their activity. This Psiphonapk application is a free to use and open-source internet censorship circumvention tool that helps the user in having a very safe and secure communication and it allows the user to make use of all of the services provided by the internet without leaving any kind of internet footprint.

The Psiphon apk application was developed by Psiphon incorporation web developers and they makes sure that the app is updated on a regular basis thus providing them with high quality features. The application Psiphon apk can be used on the devices that make use of the Windows operating system  orthe ones that have Android operating system.

The app also provides services on iOS devices. The application helps the internet users in securely bypassing the content filtering operating systems that the government may have made obligatory or they have censored the content that they want to view. The app Psiphon apk helps in bypassing all of the firewalls that have been put in the way or any other security areas and helps the user in easily getting what they want.

All of the services provided by the app can be used for free however it also has a premium version that the user can make use of after paying a small amount of money. However this Psiphonapk app is available in the free version as well that allows the users to easily make use of the simple features that the app has to offer without paying any amount of money. The user of the Psiphon apk application will have to grant some permissions to the app so that it can optimally work and provide users with all the services that it contains. The permission include internet and Wifi connectivity settings.

Psiphon Apk


Open source platform

the Psiphon apk application is an open source platform that allows users to easily connect to any of its services without any issues.

Free of cost application

this Psiphonapk application is the free version that provides its users with its amazing services without asking them to pay for anything in return.

Psiphon Apk

Gives Access to blocked websites

the Psiphon apk application also provides users with the ability to have access to blocked websites so that the user can entertain themselves. The user can enjoy the app's service without using any type of restrictions.

No registration or subscriptions

the Psiphon apk application allows users to make use of the services without registering themselves. This helps a user in easily making use of the applications services.

Break firewalls

the Psiphon apk application allows users to break firewalls and helps a user in breaking those boundaries and watching the desired content and they get to have access to that particular content.

Less space consumption

the Psiphon apk application takes very little space and the users to device and allows the users to easily download and install the application without any disturbances and problems.

Friendly user interface

the Psiphon apk application has a very friendly user interface that allows users to easily navigate to their application without requiring any kind of user guide or tutorial. The user of the application can easily make use of its services.

Premium application

the applicationPsiphon apk also has a premium version that provides users with the premium features which allows the users to make use of its advanced features. The user will have to pay for its features but the money is worth paying as it offers users with their amazing features.

Psiphon Apk


the Psiphonapk application has a premium app that allows them to see to the traffic that is in their application and it allows users to look at the statistics and helps them in viewing there functioning.

Automatic protocolselection

thePsiphon apk application allows users to select their protocols automatically in order to provide them with an effective reliable service every time they use the application.

Premium features

the Psiphon apk application premium versionprovides users with premium feature such as the ability to download app and connect for free without having to register themselves. It also allows users to make use of the applications without the VPN tunnel. This version is also open source as well as peer-reviewed which makes it even more trustworthy.

Censored content available

the user of this Psiphonapk application can also have access to the sensitive content which they may not otherwise be able to have access to.

Psiphon Apk

Extra protection

the Psiphonapk application provides users with extra protection and allow them to easily perform action while using the public Wi-Fi without any issue. This helps the user in in protecting their devices from any harmful things.

Safe and confidential

the Psiphon apk application keeps the private and personal information of the use of very safe and confidential. The user can easily have access to it without any problems but it prevents any intruder from getting into their personal information.


Psiphon Apk


The Psiphonapk application provides users with the ability to have access to their favourite entertainment content or any news broadcast without leaving their internet footprint. All of the services provided by this Psiphonapk application are of free of cost and it also has a premium version that the user can make use of after paying a small amount of money.

Psiphon Apk

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Q. Is the apk file of Psiphon apk easy to download?

Yes, the user of this Psiphon apk application can easily download the apk file and make use of the application services.

Q. Is the Psiphonapk file virus free?

Yes,the apk file of the Psiphonapk app is virus free and will not harm the user's operating system.

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