Racing fever Mod Apk v1.72.0 Unlimited Money

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Racing Fever Mod Apk V1.72.0 Unlimited Money
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Information of Racing fever Mod Apk

App Name Racing fever Mod Apk
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Latest Version v1.72.0
Get it On mobi.gameguru.racingfevermoto&hl=en&gl=US
Price Free
Size 110MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Racing
Update November 24, 2022 (16 days ago)

Women in many nations want to drive but are unable to do so due to their short height or conservative culture. If you are one of them, then playing  racing games is the best option for you. They would provide you with the greatest  riding experience possible.

Again, there are other racing games on the internet, but the characteristics that this game provides are not available in any other application. Ride various bikes in the game to get a feel for them all. This may also improve your riding abilities by developing road sense. This game is suitable for both men and children as well because it is not age limited and is quite simple to master.

Racing Fever Mod Apk

Download racing fever apk

You may completely customise your game by modifying or creating your own vehicle. You may alter numerous aspects of it to make it your own. View your avatar from various perspectives to achieve a unique appearance each time. The most fascinating version of this game is the escape from the police mode, in which you must get away from the cops. If you get detected, you will lose all of your bonuses. To obtain the app today, open your Android or iOS smartphone and look up for this app. You would not have to spend anything to get it because it is free, and it also supports numerous Android versions.

Download racing fever mod apk

Earning coins in the game may be difficult for you because it is a demanding game. However, you may gain bonus points by taking close-ups of other vehicles and win additional rewards. These coins will assist you in unlocking your favourite vehicles or parts in order to alter them. If you can't unlock your favourite vehicle because you don't have enough coins, you may buy coins using an online payment system.

Another simpler and better option that many people utilise is to download the mod apk version of the program which is available for free via the internet.

Racing Fever Mod Apk

Features of racing fever mod apk

Participate in different races

In the game, there are competitions awaiting you. Play against a variety of opponents, win races against them, and collect a variety of benefits.

Custom mode

Choose between several control settings. You can use the joysticks to control your vehicle or you can just use the phone tilting feature to control your bike just by tilting your device.

Escape the police mode

The police mode would prevent you from performing certain things since the cops would be after you and you would have to flee from them. There would be a speed and time restriction, making it difficult for you to win.

Customise your bike

Change the parts on your bike to customise the style and design. You may also select from a variety of colours, allowing you to ride a distinct bike each time.

Choose from different bikes

Choose from 16 bikes all in different models and with different abilities such as the speed and tire grip. Every bike has its own riding experience thus you can enjoy all of them.

Available in different languages

This application is used by players all over the world therefore it is available in 23 languages for people to play according to their comfort level.

Different viewing modes

Play in the first person mode or the third person mode. The camera angles of this game would allow you to view your character from close, from far away and even from the sides to help you control it easily.

Ride in different regions

Choose regions you want to play inas every region has different locations and cities. You can enjoy exploring all of them to have a different experience every time you play the game. Moreover you will not get bored.

Racing Fever Mod Apk


If you enjoy vehicle racing games or riding motorcycles and cars, this application is the cure to your worries. Anyone would fall in love with this application since it is so convenient to use and takes good care of the user's comfort. If you become exhausted from gazing at your vehicle from the same perspective, you may easily shift to some other. Change various parts of your vehicles to customise and alter them as you like.  Play multiplayer mode and have fun defeating your pals. This app's sound effects are a highlight since the sound of vehicles rushing up will assist you have an engaging experience.Weather changes will make the game more difficult for you, as driving becomes impossible in some scenarios, such as snowy weather.


Q. Is there a multiplayer mode in racing fever mod apk?

Yes this game has a multiplayer mode as well.

Q. Can I play racing fever mod apk without an internet connection?

Yes you can play it offline as well.

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