Super VPN Mod Apk v2.8.5 Download

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Super VPN Mod Apk V2.8.5 Download
App Name Super VPN mod apk
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Latest Version v2.8.5
Get it On com.jrzheng.supervpnfree
Price Free
Size 14 MB
MOD Info Premium Features Unlocked
Category Tools
Update June 14, 2023 (6 months ago)

We all belong to different parts of the world and browse the internet. Several sites are available on the internet that is blocked in certain regions of the world. Users of those areas are unable to open and enjoy them for free. Super VPN, also known as Virtual private network, is a fantastic app to give free access to all users by unlocking blocked sites.

Many people fear their IP address and location, but the Super VPN keeps all this information safe and confidential. IP addresses and locations cannot be tracked. You can browse all the blocked sites and apps for free on your mobile phone. It is the best application for android users to unlock the content.No matter from which country you belong as it supports more than 20 countries. The app is simple to operate by any beginner without fear of being captured by anyone. Nobody can see your search data as well. It keeps all of your info in a safe zone.

The app has a high rating on the internet because it allows users to unblock various sites without any trouble. It is simple to download it from the internet and connect it with your mobile phone. People have given positive reviews about the app. The app may be downloaded on any smartphone, even a high-end one, because of its minimal size. Users can easily have this excellent VPN app on their android phones or tablets for free.

The user interface of the app is highly optimized with simple operating options. It will not require a lot of your time and effort to connect to the VPN. With a single click, users will be able to have access to blocked and restricted sites. The app has top-notch features, which is why Super VPN is the choice of millions worldwide.

Super VPN Mod Apk

Super VPN Apk:

Super VPN mod apk is the basic version of the app that you can easily download from the app store. It comes with a fantastic interface and control system. With a single, you can keep yourself hidden from other sources. If you want to perform some private task and are concerned about security, try the super VPN to keep everything safe. The best thing about a VPN is connectivity without the internet. Users can quickly turn it on in almost every part of the world and perform their essential and private tasks hassle-free. Few premium features of the app are locked, and you can open them by buying a premium subscription. But if you use the free VPN mode, you must go through several ads repeatedly. It is an alarming thing to deal with ads.

Super VPN mod Apk

Super VPN mod apk is the best-unlocked app version that does not demand any money from the users to allow the premium subscription. It will enable you to enjoy the services of the app's premium version for a longer duration without connecting it multiple times. Additionally, the best thing you cannot neglect is the removal of the video pop-up ads that create a lot of mess while using the VPN. The mod version has removed all adverts from the app to make it more user-friendly and reliable for users. In its premium version, you can browse for a long time as the VPN can support you for more than 60 minutes. Unblock all the hidden and restricted content and enjoy your time without investing a single penny.

Super VPN Mod Apk

Keep your privacy safe

Due to specific issues, many web services have blocked their sites in certain countries. Users cannot use them as they are locked and need a proxy. The app is impressive because it provides a free proxy to all its users without charging anything. You can browse any of your favorite sites, and nobody will be able to trace your search history as the VPN keeps it safe and confidential. Using the app is safe and secure.

Support multiple servers

The app's best feature allows users to use the VPN that supports over 50 countries and their blocked sites. The internet has so many different VPNs, but this one is the ideal choice because of its features and unique way of protecting your privacy. Users will never face any lag issues while operating the VPN. Its top-notch features make it more popular among users to browse any of the blocked content.

Unblock all sites

It's time to unblock all the sites for free. You no longer need to wait because a VPN has solved all your problems with accessing restricted content. Users can use the VPN at any time and anywhere without any problem. The app is 100% free to use and download from the app store. But the standard version also contains a Premium version that is paid. If you want to enjoy an exclusive version, then spend some money. Otherwise, you can enjoy the premium services for free by downloading the mod version of the VPN.

No effect on browsing speed

Many people think that if they download a VPN, it will slow down their mobile speed. But it is not true. If you download a reliable VPN, it will speed up your browsing speed rather than slow it down. If you are keen to play games, this one is ideal for game lovers because you can quickly make your move at high speed. So it has a positive feature but not a negative for the users.

Super VPN Mod Apk

Hide your IP address

This is what the VPN does. You can hide all your data, including your IP address, from the server so you can easily search for anything that is blocked and not accessible in your region. Users must allow a few VPN permissions to work perfectly on their mobile devices after downloading the VPN. The app is free from all bugs and malware, so do not worry about viruses. If you are still conscious, you can check the app using an anti-virus tool.

Location modifier

The app will change your location and will not show your original location to anyone. You can select any country from the list and turn on the VPN with a single click. It is the best way to complete your tasks privately, such as access to the dark web and many more. The app is not only limited to online browsing, but users can also unblock certain services of other apps such as Instagram and Facebook by turning on the VPN.

Free to download

There is no charge for either version of the app. If you are interested in downloading the regular version, you can download it from the app store. The version is not available on the Play Store so you can download it from an antly reliable online website for free. The fundamental difference between the standard and mod super VPN is the absence of ads and unrestricted access to all the premium features without paying a single cent.

Support multiple countries

The app does not support only a limited number of countries; you can select any country. It contains more than 50 different countries such as the UK, Canada, Russia, the USA, and many more. There is no restriction on choosing the country. Select the most suitable country for you and turn on the VPN to enjoy free browsing anytime. The app guarantees its users about the IP address and location.

Super VPN Mod Apk

Accessible on all devices

It is the best app feature for users to use the free proxy on any device. You do not need to buy a proxy as you can install the super VPN and search for blocked sites without any money. You can easily download the app on your android device or tablet. It supports well and works efficiently on any smartphone. The app is a tremendous gift for mobile users to use the free proxy.

Free VIP features

All the free VIP features are accessible by downloading the mod version of the app. It doesn't require a single cent from its users. You can enjoy premium services by downloading the mod version from our website.

No annoying ads

The most demanding feature of the users is the removal of ads. Ads benefit the creators, but for the app users, they're so disgusting. It takes a lot of your time.

All advertisements have been removed from the modified version for a reliable and peaceful experience.

Safe to use

The app has no security flaws and is extremely safe to use. It will increase and uphold your trust. Every function is convenient to utilize whenever you want.

Consume low battery

The app uses very little of your phone's battery, so you may use it for as long as you like without worrying about running out of power.

Easy user interface

The user interface is super for any beginner as it doesn't require much of your effort and time. Please turn it on with a single click and browse for longer hours.


Hence super VPN mod apk is the best VPN that offers a free proxy to all users. The app is free from viruses and doesn't require any special permission except for a few ones. Download it today and make your day.


Q. What is the size of the SuperVPN mod apk?

The size of the app is 14 Mb.

Q. Can I use Super VPN mod apk offine?

Yes, we can use the app offline.

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