UC Browser Apk v13.4.0.1306 Download For Android

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UC Browser Apk V13.4.0.1306 Download For Android
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Information of UC Browser apk 

App Name UC Browser apk 
Compatible with Varies with device
Latest Version v13.4.0.1306
Get it On com.UCMobile.intl
Price Free
Size 57MB
MOD Info Many Features
Category Tools
Update May 21, 2022 (7 months ago)

The application UC Browser apk provides users with the ability to search for anything that they want by making use of the fast service that the app provides users with. This application allows users to make use if the app as an alternative to the famous Chrome or opera browsers.

It is quite fast in its services and allows users to not only type in whatever they want to search but it also supports a voice command option which helps the user in having a voice assistant that helps them in typing without having to actually manually do the task. This is great for people who want to search when they are busy doing other things. The app is quite handy and the users can easily switch between the different tabs and can performance a wide variety of actions.

The users of the UC Browser apk app can look for their bookmark sites and pages are going into the bookmarks list easily just like they would do on a Chrome browser. The app also allows users to sign into their accounts and then they can have access to it on their different devices.

This helps the person sharing their data easily but the user will not have to worry that their data would be shared with the Internet world as it provides users with a very safe and confidential system with does not share their personal and private information with the rest of the world. The user of UC Browser apk application will have to grant some permissions to this application order for it to work properly.

UC Browser Apk 

UC Browser apk features

The application UC Browser apk provides users with a lot of amazing features are listed below: 

Fast web browser

 the application provides users with very fast web browsing experience with help them in searching whatever they want to by making use of its very fast and speedy searching features. 

UC Browser Apk 

Acts as proxy

 this app actually as a proxy which compresses the data of the web pages that the user wants to look through and then send it to the user. In this way the whole loading of the web content 

Easy to function

process is made a lot faster than it already is. 
 this web browser app is very easy to function and the user can easily make use of its services without having to require any type of user guide. 

Saves Mb's

 best web browser also save the users data MB by providing them with fast and compressed data size which helps them in easily saving their internet package simultaneously getting their desired result. 

Fast Facebook usage

 the application provide users with a more faster version of the Facebook by increasing the speed of their Internet no matter how much their speed is and then giving them the ability to easily search through the Facebook. 

Voice typing

 just like Chrome browser, this application also consists of a microphone feature that helps the user in voice typing the thing that they want to search without having to type it down. 

Incognito mode

this application also consists of an Incognito mode that helps the user in browsing through the Internet without saving their internet footprint. This allows a user to privately browse through the browser and have access to all of the links and all of the features that the alp provides them with, without giving any type of watch history or search history behind. 

Synchronization across devices

 this application also provides users with the ability to sync their UC browser activity so that they can easily start from where they have left off by making use of this feature. The user can have access to the bookmarks or their watch or search history on which other device they have connected the app in. This keeps Gheorghe work going. 

Sign in in application

 this application allows users to create their own account and sign in to the browser which helps them have access to it on their different devices. This allows users to seemingly have access to all of their information even when they are using a different device such as a tablet or laptop instead of their normal smartphone. 

UC Browser Apk 

Smart downloads

 the application provides users with the ability to make use of it smart downloading feature that speeds up and stabilizes the download that the user wants. If that connection drops then the UC Browser APK application makes sure that it starts the downloading process again from the breakpoint. 

Safe and confidential

the application make sure that the user of this will get to have a very safe and secured experience for this purpose the user personal and private information is kept confidential and is not shared with the internet. 

Night mode

 the app provides users with the ability to make use of the night mode and have a more sound searching process. This helps them to easily read at night. 

Multiple languages

the application provides users with the ability to make use of its services in any of the languages that the users desire. The language options include Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, finish, Greek, Hindi, Korean, Turkish, Indonesian, Romania, Bulgarian, Thai, Slovak, Ukrainian, Amharic, Zulu, Armenian and many more. Since the application consists of this huge Number of languages so anyone from the whole entire wide world can easily make use of its services without any difficulty. 

Less mobile data

 this application does not take much of the user's mobile data which help them and saving their internet bills and at the same 

Free of cost

time searching for whatever they are looking for. 
 this application provides users with the ability to make use of all of IT services without paying anything in return. 

UC Browser Apk 


The application UC Browser apk provides users with the ability to search for whatever they want to by making use of its fast services. It has a very effective search system and it also supports voice typing along with incognito mode and more amazing features. 

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Q. Is the apk file easy to download?

Yes, the user of this application can easily download the apk file and make use of the application services. 

Q. Is the apk file virus free? 

Yes, the apk file of the app is virus free and will not harm the user's operating system.

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