Xender Mod Apk 13.1.0.Prime Free Download Latest Version

APK Bigs - Nov 09, 2023

Xender Mod Apk 13.1.0.Prime Free Download Latest Version
App Name Xender Mod Apk
Compatible with Android 4.1 or later
Latest Version v13.1.0.Prime
Get it On cn.xender&ref=apkcombo.com
Price Free
Size 19 MB
MOD Info AD-Free
Category Tools
Update November 09, 2023 (8 months ago)

It isn't easy to share multiple files simultaneously using Bluetooth as it will consume a lot of your time and is a slow process. You can share only specific files via Bluetooth from one device to another as you cannot share heavy files. We will tell you about an amazing app you have never seen before. Xender is an app to share anything you want from device to device. You do not need any data cable to connect with another device as it is a wireless app to transfer data such as music, videos, documents, and many more. It will quickly share the files just like the ShareIt app, but it has more advanced features.

Users can get access to the app without an internet connection and send a large number of files without any trouble. The app is simple to operate as you can send heavy files in less than one minute.

The app asks for certain permissions, such as access to media locations and files. You have to grant access so you can use the app more efficiently. The users of the app have given 4.5 stars to the app. You can also save videos from Facebook and Instagram and even WhatsApp stories with the help of this trending app in no time.


Xender Apk

Xender Apk

Xender Apk is the best app because it works better than Bluetooth. Now you do not need to rely on Bluetooth to share your documents and files. If you have a good smartphone, you can share the files, but the other device must also have the same app on their mobile phones. You can use the app on your smartphone and even on your desktop without any restriction. Send your files in seconds and make your life easier. The only flaw in the original version of the app is the presence of ads that distract you from your task.


Xender Mod Apk

Xender Mod Apk is the best-modified version that puts zero restrictions on file sharing without ads. Users can enjoy all the epic features of file sharing. The app has multiple languages available, such as English, Igbo, Indonesian, and Spanish, so that you can choose your native language. You can also connect your device with other devices by activating the internet connection. You can activate the app's night mode to protect your eyes better. The app is updated regularly for a better experience for its users.


Xender Apk

Share Files

The main feature of the app that makes it more unique and popular is sending files to anyone at any time without any effort. You can share multiple apps installed on your mobile phone, photos, videos, music, documents, books, and other content. There is no limit to file sharing, except other devices must have the same app to receive the files. You can share files of large sizes easily and quickly without getting stuck. When you want to send the file to anyone, you have to activate your GPS. Afterward, you will see a QR code you can scan with another device to share the file.


Night Mode

If you want to use the app in night mode, this is also possible with the app. You can activate the night mode so everything will turn into darkness. It will not harm your eyes anymore, so you can spend much of your time in file sharing without putting strain on your eyesight. No file-sharing app offers this feature, but you can enjoy this one in the mod version of the app.


Xender Apk

Multiple Languages

Users feel difficulty sometimes as there are several languages all over the world. In this file-sharing app, you can choose any of your regional, national, or international languages. You are free to do so. More than 20 languages are available in the app to choose from to make you feel more comfortable while using the app. So if you are not so good at the English language, select your language.


Quick transfer

This is a well-known feature of the app. Users can send the files in nanoseconds. Choose the file you want to share, scan the code and share it with another device. At the next moment, the other device will have that file. Try sharing files between Android phones for a better experience and quick speed. There is no compromise over the speed of sharing without an internet connection.


Xender Apk

Simple to use

No app can be simpler than this one as it does not need assistance to operate. Download the app and send multiple files in a single click, even without internet access, anywhere and anytime. The user interface is so comprehensive and easy to understand.


Share files over Wifi

Users can choose this option to get access to the wifi connection. It will transfer your files more quickly, and you do not have to wait for a long time.

Free of cost

The app provides all of its services without charging a single cent. You can share apps, games, movies, videos, music, ebooks, and many more for free with any of your friends or family members with this amazing app.


Download Status Videos

Most of the time, I feel so difficult to download WhatsApp statuses and videos from Facebook and Instagram. We need another app to download the videos, but Xender has a built-in feature that can download all types of videos from Facebook, Instagram, etc. No need for any other app now.


Xender Apk

Convert video into audio

Users can enjoy this feature, which allows you to convert the videos into audio files. Go to the MP3, choose the video you want to convert, and then click on it. This will convert the video into MP3 files, and you can enjoy the music of the video in audio files. There is no limit to how much you can create.


It's time to sum up, all the information about the stunning app that transfers your files in a short time. If you want to share multiple files with your friends, the best is best for you. Download the app today and enjoy its incredible features.


Xender Apk


Q. What is the size of the Xender Mod Apk?

The app is 20 MB.

Q. Can we share files in offline mode?

Yes, you can share files both in online and offline modes for free.

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