10 best car shopping apps for Android

APK Bigs - Feb 20, 2021

10 Best Car Shopping Apps For Android

People these days prefer online shopping over traditional shopping. So why not include car shopping to the mix as well? Car Shopping websites are already in the market since many years and huge companies like AutoTrader and CarMax already have their websites up and running since so many years. But now car shopping apps are taking hold of the market and visiting a dealer is the best way to see cars. The buyer can take advantage of test drives as well as can view the interior by themselves though the apps will provide a look on materials available and costs. So here are few of the best car shopping applications for Android users. A big shootout to both Craigslist and Facebook applications that provides stuff that is in low cost as well as there are many opportunities to buy cars because many people are selling them and lastly, it is fun to surf the website.


Price: Free Autolist is also similar to AutoTrader and offers used cars and trucks. This application is way better than its name as it has basic features such as searching, saving favorites as well as sorting them too. There are price drop alerts and a variety of vehicles available. A timeline of price of a car that has been on the list for a longer period and sources from other website are included. The interface is simple and effective that looks great and makes this app a best all in one solution to search problems for car buyers. Autolist


Price: Free AutoScout24 is one of the best car selling apps in the Europe, this clams an index of above two million cars across the whole continent. It allows the buyer to perform local searches, save their favorites to view afterwards, contact the sellers using the app and allows the buyer to utilize the sort option to keep search specific such as mileage, distance, price, registration dates and much more. The users can also post their own cars to sell and is a best place for the Europeans to start their car buying first step with. AutoScout24


Price: Free or Varies AutoTrader is among the good car shopping apps in the US and lets the user search for used as well as new cars near their location. Moreover, this app contains many filters so that the user can find their accurate desired car. The filters may not be perfect but somewhat provides enough help and this app also allows the user to save favorites for future use and allows direct contact with the owners. This application is completely free but may require money while uploading a car for sale. AutoTrader

CARFAX Used Cars

Price: Free or Varies CARFAX claims an inventory in millions. There is a sort feature for users to find their cars that each has a CARFAX report option that shows what is wrong with each vehicle, favorite cars can be saved for further investigations and the feature to look up CARFAX reports on the cars not listed in the application is great. Though it will cost money as this is the only way CARFAX gets their money through. CARFAX Used Cars


Price: Free CarMax allows the user to do basic stuff and is one of the top car apps in the US. There are alerts for price drops, new matches for new cars, searching for cars in stock and saving of favorites. A payment calculator for users that are interested and a clean and easy to use interface with a bunch of good cars makes it best among all. The built in payment method allows payments through the app after buying a car and is only available for North American region, though. CarMax


Price: Free Carmudi is a huge app for car shopping as it supports around seven countries across the Asia, North America and Middle Eastern regions and holds above 200,000 cars for sale. Both buyers and sellers can enjoy this car service as the buyers can save their desired cars, search using variety of sorting options as well as look for views while the sellers can easily talk to buyers and can also speedily input their car details. This app is also available on Google Play Store of the supported countries. Carmudi


Price:�Free Cars.com is one of the most popular and massive car shopping application as it includes a huge number of cars for sale and a variety of filters to sort them. The dealer reviews, car prices, payment calculators, service and repair features, VIN scanners and more are included in this app. So it is likely to suffer from spams than others because its service extremely large, also making it difficult and overstuffed to use sometimes though making it a good choice as well as it provides a huge range of vehicles in a single place than browsing single websites for buying a car.


Price: Free Carvana is a fascinating app for buying a car as it is actually an online marketplace taking car orders and delivering cars directly to houses. This application provides an experience where there is no touch involved while delivering the car and the users can buy their desired car if they have the required finances. This service holds above 20,000 cars and also a 7 day money back guarantee and it is a proven one as well as provides financing options too. Carvana

Edmunds Car Reviews and Prices

Price: Free Knowledge is required in every field of life especially while searching for a good car as it may last years before you shift to a new car. Edmunds Car Reviews and Prices is similar to the other applications on this list and is a good app allowing the users to find most of their favorite cars in a single place. It includes reviews, payment calculator as well as market value estimator and more features. For some cars, the specifications and package information are also included making this app a great informative app for cars and a better one than Kelly Blue Book as of present. Edmunds Car Reviews and Prices


Price: Free TrueCar is also one of the top and huge best car selling apps and holds an inventory of above 13,000 dealers in the US. Both used and new vehicles can be found here and this app holds over one million dealers and includes the support staff for assistance throughout the process of buying. There is a price guide included showing other rates of people for a specific vehicle, simple user interface, few more car buying tools and a separate app for both sellers as well as dealers and easy to use than a dealers site. TrueCar

Bonus: Any Web Browsers

Price: Free Web Browsers still holds the most market as most car dealers do not have their own official applications and shopping those vehicles is easily done from the official web pages and websites. Most of these websites are similar to an app and also supports the filter process to sort the vehicles and includes all types of car buying tips and tricks from the book as well as guides, calculators and financial helps through few online searches. Browsers are still best for new cars while apps are usually for used cars and vehicles. Bonus Any Web Browsers

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