60 Most Common Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook

60 Most Common Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook has been made to function as your unequaled individual right hand. Since it can deal with your own data and mailing subtleties. Other than that, Outlook can likewise set up your schedule, day by day updates just as it can likewise deal with your contacts and so forth. So as to make it work all the more productively Outlook has some console alternate routes to work through. With the assistance of console keys one can make Outlook work all the more insightfully. These keys help the Outlook clients every day to complete their work immediately.

Some of these shortcuts that will make your work done efficiently by Outlook are enlisted below.

                                              MANAGE EMAILS
Open inboxShift+Ctrl+I
Reply allShift+ Ctrl+ R
Open OutboxShift+ Ctrl+ O
Deliver EmailAlt+ S
Check New EmailsF9
Forward EmailCtrl+ F
Address BookShift+ Ctrl+ B
Mark UnreadCtrl+ U
Undo Email as JunkAlt+ Ctrl+ J
Add Quick FlagInsert


                                              TASK MANAGER
Accept Task RequestAlt+ C
To Do Bar (Show/Hide)Alt+ F2
Reject Task RequestAlt+ D


                                             MANAGE CONTACTS
Select AllCtrl+ A
Find ContactsF3


                                     OUTLOOK SEARCH RIBBON
Search All (calendar, contacts, emails etc.)Ctrl+ Alt+ A
Advance Find WindowShift+ Ctrl+ F
Mail SearchF4
Search Any ItemCtrl+ E


                                          NAVIGATION SYSTEM
View EmailsCtrl+ 1
Go to CalendarCtrl+ 2
View Contact ListCtrl+ 3
Shift to TasksCtrl+ 4
Access NotesCtrl+ 5
Open FolderCtrl+ 6
Explore ShortcutsCtrl+ 7


                                       FORMATTING SHORTCUTS
Bold LettersCtrl+ B
Dialogue Box for FontsShift+ Ctrl+ P
Italicize LettersCtrl+ I
Insert BulletsCtrl+ Shift+ L
UnderlineCtrl+ U
Shift CaseF3
Enlarge Font SizeCtrl+]
Reduce Font SizeCtrl+ [
Copy TextCtrl+ C
Add HyperlinkCtrl+ K
Cut/Delete TextCtrl+ X
Paste TextCtrl+ V


                           SHORTCUTS TO CREATE SOMETHING
Meeting RequestsShift+ Ctrl+ Q
Create any DocumentShift+ Ctrl+ H
Add a TaskCtrl+ Shift+ K
Make a Distribution ListCtrl+ Shift+ L
Add a ContactCtrl+ Shift+ C
New FolderShift+ Ctrl+ E
Make an AppointmentShift+ Ctrl+ A
Insert Journal EntryCtrl+ Shift+ J
Create MessageShift+ Ctrl+ M


                                 MISCELLANEOUS FUNCTIONS
Spell CheckF7
Save DocumentCtrl+ S
Save AsF12
Undo ActionCtrl+ Z
Print DocumentCtrl+ P
Save & Close documentAlt+ S
Left AlignmentCtrl+ L
Center AlignmentCtrl+ E
Right AlignmentCtrl+ R
Page SetupAlt+ U
Shift to HomeAlt+ H


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