8 Facebook Do's and Don'ts in the UAE

APK Bigs - Feb 20, 2021

Social media platforms have become the vast platforms for communicating people with each other. Facebook is one of those platforms that is widely used by people around the globe.  As per the statistics of “Arab social media outlook 2014”, more than 71 million people residing in the Arabic lands have social accounts. Out of these people, 91.28% majority uses Facebook alongside twitter, Instagram and etc. Due to the increase in the population of those using Facebook in UAE, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, this region has a rapid growth of Facebook users. Ultimately this has caused issues like cyber-crimes and harassment cases. This has made the government take adequate actions against such crimes by monitoring these social sites. The UAE Telecommunication Regularity Authority (TRE) has formulated some principles that people living in the region should abide by. Following are the rules that TRA has mentioned in its white paper for Facebook.

Obedience of communal and religious ethics.

UAE never advances any action that is against the strict and accepted practices. Distributing such stuff on Facebook that is against Islamic lessons, mutual respectability and ethically dishonest for the nation. The locals as well as this additionally infers for the sightseers and emigre's likewise that they ought to likewise not present something opposite to UAE and its laws.

Propagation of diplomatic data.

Posting somebody's very own subtleties or money related data is carefully disallowed on Facebook according to the laws of UAE. Gathering another person's data itself is viewed as a wrongdoing. In the event that you need to do such thing, you must clarify the reason for gathering it, kind of data that is being gathered and theme behind its assortment. It has consistently been encouraged to keep your data secured and do not include exorbitant data on social destinations. For being safer deal with your profile security and permit audience appropriately.

Cyber bullying

Intimidating someone else by means of your status or post or in the inbox is considered as a wrongdoing. Bothering messages or digital tormenting on Facebook to cut down one's confidence is carefully prohibited in UAE.

Vehemence, Sadism or Cruelty.

The TRA of UAE carefully shuns individuals posting content that can be offending to other being. It likewise denies the advancement of posts that embarrass and are utilized as a retribution against somebody. UAE has exacting laws to handle with individuals content identified with erotic entertainment on Facebook. Disdain talks, brutal articulations are exceptionally precluded.

Unauthorized Tagging.

Facebook has a monstrous horde of individuals who cherishes labeling each other onto photographs and status. Be that as it may, labeling individuals without their assent is considered as a digital wrongdoing. UAE law implementation takes genuine activities against individuals who label others for the themes of criticism and viciousness without their authorization.


It has been exceptionally taboo to spread any kind of bugs or infections onto Facebook. Any substance that ends up being made for nice designs is viewed as illicit. Posting of vindictive substance isn't permitted to be posted on Facebook.

Malevolent content

No such substance is engaged that contains content identified with illicit drug use. Develop, offending substance isn't allowed. There are explicit rules with respect to age limitations and associations that should be followed identified with spam messages and confinements regarding posts.

Superintendency of the content.

The duty of all that you post suggests on you as it were. Since Facebook has features like security settings and protection consents yet in the event that somebody actually post something that hurts in future or is unlawful is his own duty. Facebook has a lot of individuals who takes others' substance on the off chance that something to that effect transpires, at that point you are encouraged to report such accounts. Be that as it may, somebody over and over doing this misstep will be taken out by Facebook. Such offenders may likewise be handled by the law authorization authorities of UAE.

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