8 Pointers Every Smartphone User Should Know

APK Bigs - Feb 20, 2021

8 Pointers Every Smartphone User Should Know

Smartphones have been created to facilitate their users in every possible way. These phones have made life much easier as they can efficiently perform actions apart from just making and attending calls or sending messages. There is a variety of smartphones you can get like iPhone, Samsung and so on. To make them work more effectively you need to take some smart steps. To make them work all the more adequately you have to make some brilliant strides. Following of those proficient approaches to get the out of your smartphone are expressed underneath.

Install Antivirus Software

Antivirus software helps in eliminating the bugs and make fixes to improve the functionality of your phone. It also helps in detecting contaminated stuff the phone. Numerous smartphones already have an antivirus software installed by default. But if you do not get one, download it to protect the device.

Shortcuts Make It Easier

Each smartphone may it have any working supervisor has certain easy routes for specific undertakings. For Android you have to swipe down to see notifications, closing the tabs for shutting applications by long press. Likewise, iPhone additionally has a few easy routes like swipe towards base to change to quick settings and some more.

Assemble Home Screen.

An assembled home screen of smartphones makes it easier to get to any app in an instant. This can be done by arranging all the apps in their respective folders. For instance, games should be kept in games folder and collectively all these folders like games, music and movies should be kept in a folder named entertainment. Likewise, calculator, alarm and etc. should be moved to the tools folder. In this way it becomes easier to open any app without looking for it amidst many others installed.

Storage Apps for Music

Cloud storage apps for storing music online are a great step towards storage saving. Google play music is also one of those music storage apps. But there are multiple options that can be considered like Spotify, Soundcloud (for listening music online), Beats Music and etc. Google music assistant can store up to 20,000 songs whereas Spotify and others can store million songs but require subscription charges.

Automatic Back Up

If you keep important files, memorable photos and videos in your smartphone then setting up automatic backup is a useful option. This can be done on apps like Microsoft OneDrive, Google photos or Dropbox. Backup secures your files from being deleted. You can also get the data after in any case you lose your phone. Setting an automatic backup will directly backup your stuff once connected to the internet.

No Insurance

Numerous individuals consider buying protection for their cell phones to set aside cash. In any case, the smart act is to keep everything delayed except if your telephone need fixing or it gets harmed by one way or another. These maintenance agreements come vigorously when regardless the telephone make some fix issues set off, else they are a bit much.

Discover Browser and Email Alternatives

It does no harm if you use the mailbox and browser already present on the phone. But discovering new email alternatives and browsers make it smarter. Alternative mailbox and browsers can be easily assisted with just a single tap or swipe. Google chrome, Mozilla and Dolphin browser can be used instead. Google Mail shows the preview of sent mail, provides easy access to inbox and etc.

Wireless Hotspot

Hotspot feature has been introduced in almost smartphone till now. Using your phone as a wireless internet source through hotspot can help in having internet accessibility on laptop and another device. Wireless hotspot data plans are already introduced by some phones. It is cheaper and better than getting a separate data package for every device.

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