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APK Bigs - Feb 20, 2021

Calendars are very useful app as it tells the date, month and year. It helps you to keep tracking dates and family events such as birthdays or meetups. Calendar app comes with stock app but these stock apps do not have much features. Technology behind these calendar apps has been changed over the years and now there are so many great calendar apps are available which you can download in your device. Most calendar apps have now customization feature where you can change the theme of calendar and more. You can keep your events organized and can track upcoming events easily. There are plenty of amazing calendar apps available. Let's get started.


PRICE: Free Calendar.AI is a popular calendar app especially for employers. It has advanced algorithm system with plenty of great features to make the life much easier. It has a feature of smart polls for meeting attendants, smart scheduling system and more. It automatically gathers important data from internet and manage them to keep them safe and secure. It has beautiful user interface. It also integrates with other social media apps such as LinkedIn and Google Suite to share information with clients and teammates or partners. It is a free to use app and you can download it from google play store. This app is optimized for all android devices. It will automatically organize all important events and it will let you know about the events.


PRICE: Free / $5.99 aCalendar is a popular classic calendar app for android device. It has basic features and basic stuff such as date view, reminders, event organization and more. It also gives you the feature to customize the app according to your choice. It has Google calendar support, tasks list, themes and even more special features. There are more interesting and premium features available in paid version of the app. You can enjoy extra perks if you spend some money on this app. It is officially available on google play store and you can download it for free. Pro version of app is bit expensive. aCalendar

Any.do Tasks and Calendar

PRICE: Free / $2.09-$2.99 per month (billed annually) Any.do Tasks and Calendar is a multi-functional calendar app on android platform. You can create a to-do list in this app and utilize the basic calendar features without any problem. It has a large overview of calendar. It also supports Facebook, Outlook and Google calendars. It is the best calendar for social media lovers. It has an amazing looking user interface. Organized events and amazing features. It has two version one is free and other is paid. You can experience more great features with the paid version. Paid version is for hardcore productivity people. Download it for free and enjoy extra perks.

Business Calendar 2

PRICE: Free / $6.99 Business Calendar 2 is a popular calendar with good features and customizations. There are over 20 themes in this calendar. It has 7 different calendar widgets for home screen. You can choose calendar view from various themes. It does support Google Calendar and Exchange Calendar. It also provides weather information with every date. You can easily organize family events and more. It is free to use app but there is also a paid version available with more great features and premium support. Customize it easily and put any widget on screen.

Calendar Notify

PRICE: Free / Up to $5.45 Calendar Notify is one of the newer calendar app on android platform. It has a proper customization tool to change the appearance of calendar according to your choice. It has simple and beautiful user interface. The premium version gives extra customization features. There are home widgets available to use. It has a big draw and calendar view. You can see big dates and upcoming events easily. It is fully free of cost and you can download it without any problem.

Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

PRICE: $1.99 Calendar Widget by Home Agenda is an another great android calendar application. It is integrated with Google calendar and has all the features except reminders. It has clean and simple user interface. It has customizable calendar widgets which you can put on home screen. You can make changes in event settings such as you can hide and show widgets. You can change calendar theme as well. It is not a free app but it is worth buying the app. You can download and install this app from google play store. Get amazing widgets and customize easily. Calendar Widget by Home Agenda


PRICE: Free / $5.99 CalenGoo is a popular and great calendar app. It has great features and integrated with Google Calendar and Exchange Calendar. You can customize the app easily with extra features. It has decent event options and reminders. It has all the basic calendar features. It also has feature to share calendar with other people. You can use the free version as a trial but the pro version is a paid one. You can use it for free if you are Google Play Pass user. CalenGoo

DigiCal Calendar Agenda

PRICE: Free / Up to $4.99 DigiCal Clanedar Agenda is a free solid calendar app on android platform. It supports dark theme and it has beautiful user interface. It has clear overview with big frame. It has feature of sports calendar, TV schedules and over 500,000 other events. You can use free version with limited features but if you want more features, then you can buy the pro version to get amazing features. There is no any bug in this calendar app and it runs smoothly and perfectly. DigiCal Calendar Agenda

Google Calendar

PRICE: Free The list is incomplete without Google Calendar. It is a de facto app for other calendar apps. It comes as a stock app on many android devices. There are so many calendar apps which integrate directly with it. There are not much options available to customize it. It has a good user interface with simple theme. It has good calendar add-ons. It gets regular updates to keep the performance optimized. There are no any in-app purchases available because it is totally free of cost app.

Simple Calendar Pro

PRICE: $0.99 Simple Calendar Pro is a simple calendar app and it does not connect to any external calendar such as Google Calendar or Exchange Calendar. It has optional CalDAV support and it is pretty good in usage. There was a free version of this app but it does not exist anymore. It is a paid version now but it worth buying the app. It has minimalistic user interface. Download it for free and start using bug-free calendar. Simple Calendar Pro

BONUS: Other Apps with Integrated Calendars

PRICE: Free Calendar apps are great and come with awesome features. There are so many people who use calendar apps for simple usage. Some great calendar apps integrated with other calendars such as Google Calendar and Exchange Calendar. These calendars are not powerful but they provide good functionality. There are so many great calendars available on google play store which you can download for free. Facebook has built-in calendar with great features. TickTick has built-in calendar with to-do list feature. We recommend you to check all the calendar apps and choose the best one according to your need. BONUS Other Apps with Integrated Calendars

BONUS: Stock Calendar Apps

PRICE: Free All the android devices come with stock calendar app. Most of these stock apps deliver good performance. You can see the date, check reminders, events and can create a to-do list with these stock calendars but people just want extra perks such as themes and customization feature. Google Play Store is full of great calendar apps with awesome features. You can download these apps easily and most of these apps are fully free. These calendar apps offer pro version which you can buy if you want premium support and features. BONUS Stock Calendar Apps

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