10 best fact apps for Android

APK Bigs - Feb 20, 2021

10 Best Fact Apps For Android

Apps to find fun facts are not so much popular these days as internet has grown drastically and finding fun facts is now a quick and easy method and it can be searched through multiple methods as well. But still, there are users who want to enjoy the apps by popping them open and learning few fun facts every now and then. To find the best fun facts through the apps is necessary and here we have a complete list of these best apps for android.


Price: Free Brainly is a students app especially for people in school as this application allows the users to ask questions related to their homework or school assignments and gain access to the Brainly community and get their answers from them. This all alone holds around 250 million users that register monthly from above 35 countries so that the users can find the answers to their questions and even the location system shows from where the answer came in. This application is completely free and all the people looking for answers can join this app though this app does not have any entertainment qualities and allows the users to find some accurate stuff on demand basis. Brainly


Price: Free or $9.99 per month Feedly is a new application in the finding fun facts app series. This game start out as a complete clear slate where the users build it up by adding site, blogs and other materials and cards they like. This app is one of the best application for users to keep up with science and technology blogs and includes the best facts in it. This app features a cross platform support as it allows the users to connect their accounts with Facebook, Evernote, Twitter and more such platforms and also features a simple user interface having easy controls. This application is best to keep yourself updated with everyday simple things than downloading multiple apps and consuming the storage as well as relying on others to provide accurate services that may cost you a small fortune while this app is completely free.

Google Search

Price: Free Google Search is another best way to find some fun facts on the internet sites holding those. There are sites having lists about top facts in various categories and are not really hard to find. This app includes voice searches as well as Google Assistant help to find fun facts and materials online as well as the Google Assistant answer's basic questions and mostly gives recommendations for unit conversions and more stuff. It is not a simple clich traditional application and is fairly a good app. Google Search

Google Arts and Culture

Price: Free Google Arts and Cultures is one of the best application to collect some interesting facts as this app holds information for over 1200 museums, institutions and galleries from all around the world in number it can be calculated as above 70 countries. The users can find information on history, artworks and many cultural significant materials. There are guided tours, fun facts, VR functionality for the ones who have Google Cardboard in possession and this app is free without in app purchases and ads.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Price: Free or $1.99 Merriam Webster Dictionary is a best app to find facts and learn new words simultaneously. This application is a decent dictionary available online and also includes thesaurus and a feature to look for fun facts and also lets the user learn a new word every day. The word games are here for bringing new vocabulary in the closet making it almost an educational app than a fun facts app but the vocabulary can be used as a fact too sometimes and this application is completely free with addition of ads and if the user removes those, they pay $1.99. Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Price: Free or for $2.99 Quizoid is a simple but an amazing enjoyable quiz game and has a lot to offer to its players. This game has above 7000 questions that are required to be answered through multiple game modes as the game progresses. There are many lifelines for the most difficult questions for players to narrow down their answers and the players can also select from a dozen of categories. This app is available offline and the facts are dozens in quantity in this game, making it a massive and powerful game.


Price: Free or $3.99 per month or $29.99 per month Reddit is the king of apps containing loads and loads of information. There are small sub-reddits containing fun facts, jokes and other categories of short and minimal information that further includes news, lists on various topics and more. These sub-reddits includes sports, hobby, favorite game boards and more material and many of these reply answers to curiosity of the people asking. The original application is simple and the user can simply log in using their credentials and save their sub-reddits for later reviews and use. For those wanting to get new experiences they are recommended to use third party application and it includes few extra features as well as remove some advertisements. Reddit


Price: Free TED is one of the brilliant application for learning not only fun facts but few more things as well. This app alone contains above 3,000 TED Talks from a range of people that cover extraordinary and amazing number of topics. This application supports around hundred languages, has a TED Radio Hour podcast while having other podcasts available too and many inspirational and motivational as well as talks containing many fun facts. There are many videos that are longer than a normal video bringing such videos under longer form type of content and it is still a smooth and neat application to learn good stuff. TED


Price: Free Wikipedia is kind of not a good selection but still it is a good application as there is loads of information present on this app on a variety of topics covering majority of those topics and contain mostly facts and figures about a topic. This app does not dive into details about a topic but quick information can be found here about majority of the stuff. There is a feature in the app that includes Explorer Feed showing off new materials uploaded on the app and a reading list showing the topics offline as well save those for later viewing too. The design is good and the app is clean making it one of the best applications available to learn some fun facts.


Price: Free or $12.99 per month YouTube is one of the best applications out there to learn fun facts as it contains a variety of channels, short videos, lists containing fun facts and many more material. Many people follow creators like Cinema Sins and Vsauce Game Theorists as they provide with good fun facts contents. YouTube can be used for free with few advertisements or the user can buy YouTube Red for $9.99 that is free of advertisements and lets the user play videos in background as well as more features providing multiple videos containing fun facts. YouTube

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