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Mobile phones have become an integral part of every individual’s life these days. Since they are packed with impeccable features like camera, video player, music player, picture gallery and much more. The cinematic world has evolved to a much greater extent due to the invention of smart phones.

They have taken videography and photography to a whole new level.  It has now become easier to capture or record anything into a video and then simply upload it anywhere you want. But quality is also a crucial element to maintain while shooting a video. Although it is convenient to shoot anything with just one tap, but it also requires some skills to do perfect videography.

This blog will help you in learning all of those genius tips and tricks that will enable you to be a good videographer. Below are some of such steps to make the journey of professional videography easier for you. You need to focus onto them since these tricks are used by award winning videographers.

Avoid shooting in portrait.

It seems imperfect to shoot a video having two black borders at the sides. This orientation of the video looks odd with the screens without a portrait orientation. However, it may seem fine with computer or televisions. This issue can be resolved by tilting your phone and shooting the video in a landscape position. This will not just make your video look more detailed and aesthetic. But it will also look enlarged on wide screens. Moreover, an apt orientation makes the subject occupy the entire frame. This in return looks more highly defined and enlarged.

Proper Lighting.

Although smart phones have flash lights and tones to set before capturing or shooting anything. But for better results try using the natural light. In order to make proper use of sunlight, make sure your subject is in the direction of the light.  Try not to use flash light even at night. Although it becomes tough to make your subject visible at night shots but using a backlight makes the subject even darker. Try using some other lighting source to keep the subject prominent and realistic.

Keep your phone stable.

Smart phones are way much easier to hold steady by the help of your hands with your elbows being close to your body. This will make it convenient to keep the phone stable for a longer time. On the other side you can always choose a tripod stand to hold your phone firm while shooting a video.

Do not zoom in.

Beginners might find it intriguing to use digital zoom for zooming in their subject. No doubt zooming makes the subject look closer but it also affects the video quality. In order to make your subject look closer you can bring the camera closer to it. In this way the quality will not be sacrificed. Because the camera zoom of your smart phone makes the subject appear distorted after zooming in.

Manually adjust the exposure and focus.

The other positive aspect about smart phone’s camera is that they can adjust automatically the exposure and focus. Meanwhile making videos all you need is to keep your phone stable so that it may focus the subject perfectly. However, it is better to adjust the exposure and focus manually since it will keep the subject focused while being shot.

Slow motion and time lapse.

Features like slow motion and time lapse are in-built in various smart phone camera options. Slow motion allows the audience to see things that cannot be easily notice like gun shot or any other action stunts. Contrastingly the time lapse features make the actions get faster when you play the video. Although these effects give an overwhelming video, but try not to use them repeatedly as they are made for specific purposes. Slow motion is used to draw the attention of audience to things often left unnoticed. Time lapse highlights the continuous passage of time or the movements that should not be shown in detail.

Audio increases the quality.

Recording a video with commendable audio quality is quite a tricky task. But you can always use your phone’s in-built microphone for that purpose. For better results one can also use Bluetooth microphones that can simply get connected with your phone. You may also use some other microphones by connecting them with your device.

Proper Editing.

Editing makes your video look more professional and composed. But be careful as you should not be making it over edited. Some slight changes can also do the magic. You also need not to worry because no expensive tools or gadgets are required for the job. You can simply do all the editing like transitions, adjustments, trimming, and etc. on your mobile phone in a short span of time.

Videography sounds a hard nut to be cracked when you are a beginner or are looking forward to it. But the following tricks mentioned above will help you in not just doing it easily rather you will enjoy it. Do not forget to follow these tricks if you want to set your benchmark in the community of videographers via your vlog, documentary or short film etc.

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